27 February 2016

Halsey: Colors & Boys

Firstly, HAVE YOU GUYS WATCHED COLORS VIDEO? Halsey gave me a heart attack. Colors is one of the most beautiful song I've ever heard - Thanks to Halsey, she's what happens when art & madness meet music.

So the video came out and I had to blog about it for the sake of my inner fangirl. And because I'm emotionally attached to this song. 

I was reading the story behind colors on genius and it is that she sang the song about Matty from the band 1975. Their relationship was complicated, it's not clear if there was love but there was a connection. What I imagine is there was a crush, a crush she wanted to romanticize for the rest of her life. Some crushes are like that, golden. I remember I had this huge crush on a guy from school and I named him teal because it was my most favorite color back then, I loved the color so much that if my breath had a color, it'd be teal. I gave my most precious color to him, I could see him walking on the color in my head and the idiot never knew I was being so poetic about him. This is why I feel there's a connection between boys and feelings and colors. This is why I love this song so much. It connects me to the mystery that why the heck I gave my favorite color to him.

 Today's make up is a celebration in blue. I've always loved the idea of the liberation that comes with this color, it's in the sky and the waves are made up of this color, it preaches freedom. Though it felt slightly imappropriate romanticising this color, but I managed accept it. 

Here watch the video if you haven't already. I've watched it like 15 times by now.

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