13 February 2016

a never happy girl's guide to happiness

This post is going to be super motivational.

Let me introduce myself, a kind of introduction I didn't put on the about me page:
I'm usually unhappy with things, sometimes just in my mind, sometimes publicly. Complaining, complaining, complaining. I'm the kind of kid that rolls her eyes and makes remarks on things that get me into good troubles, v frequently. Not v nice, I know but this is how I am.

What is happiness? I think it's a v pleasant feeling that fixes everything. 

At first, I thought happiness can only come to you. Something you can't create, it has to be showered by god, you just gotta wait. But my theory went wrong at so many times that I had to fix it. Happiness can be created. I had read somewhere that making happy lists can help, a good sleep routine can help, controlled hormones can help but I never tried that. 

And I am v happy to announce that I've I found my secret/magical way to happiness.
I didn't sleep early and woke up early. I didn't make lists of anything and I absolutely have no control over hormonal changes & emotions. I just am trying to be more grateful and it's really working. 

Being grateful of all the little things is all you need to start doing more, I'm trying my best to do so. Just looking at my plants or staring at the peaceful blue sky is so soothing I instantly feel happy. It tickles, it makes me feel better and content. I had never thought being content would be the biggest blessing. I'm on a hunt for little blessings and make myself familiar with all the good things I'm surrounded with and remembering little miracles from my everyday life: like my broken charger started working and I was like DUDE YOU MAKE ME SO HAPPY WHEN YOU'RE NOT BROKEN. This kind of silly little stuff. 

I still am complaining about things a lot, still making the same mistakes, still breaking rules I'm supposed to maintain but there's a difference, it might not be big enough but it is and I'm really glad that I'm finally working on something that makes me feel not just happy but content.

I just hope you feel happy with what you have, with all you have.

How you guys have been doing? How is life?

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