23 January 2016

5 kind of people I need in my life

This started as a ranting post when I started piling things in my mind (AREEBA RAISES FIST AND SCREAMS ABOUT HUMANS) but it's more like a wishlist now. The kind of people that don't exist or need to exist more in my life. 

People that gift me books
Paperbacks, hardcovers, anything. I just want a few of human beings to show up to my house when it's my birthday or I'm feeling so down I can't feel my head and bring me a nice book to read. This is the kind of life I want, full of people who actually care about my love for books and NEVER let me read an ebook version of anything. This would be true love, darling.

People who ask me to show them my latest artwork
Since I was a kid, I've been running around the house, shoving my sketchbook into my family's face and ask them how they like my newest creation. I might still do something like that but I highly appreciate human beings that ask me to show them what I've been creating lately. It just feels so good to be around people that actually put effort to make me feel good about something I love doing most. 

People who say my name when they talk to me
What are you doing, AREEBA!!?! I don't know why but it DOES feel good.

People who blog
Actually, this means people who blog and live near my house so we can go on bloggy lunches together. Bloggers in my city are rare, I've only ONE bloggy friend (HI JADIRAY) other than my twin sister. One time we 3 accidently went out to eat something together. I want more of that, a table full of bloggers, planning posts together, giving away tips.

People who send me their playlists
Just a few days go, my friend sent me her playlist of rock punk songs because I needed to hear more of those and get over shit things going on. I realized it feels super good to have people sending you songs to fix things that need emotional support. 

Are there any kind of people you want in your life?
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