25 January 2016

Sharp objects - I fell in love with Gillian Flynn again

I'm a big big big fan of Gillian Flynn books. Her books have dark twisted plots with evil females and mysteries that get on my nerves. I like the villain-ish vibes of her work, nasty wrapped all around her words. And if you know me real well (or actually visited me About Me page) you are well known with the fact that her Gone Girl is one of my most favorite books ever. And I'm always quoting a few lines from the book.

I read Sharp Objects just a few days ago and I'm in awe. And it's time for another book review, a book that's quite near to my heart. Thx Gillian Flynn, I just fell in love with you again.

It's the story about a reporter Camille Preaker who had to go back to her hometown for a case. The case is about killings of two young girls. Searching for the case leads Camille back into her deeply disturbing dark past. As she tries to find more information bout the case, she discovers more bout her family and how twisted things actually are.

The main thing that makes me emotionally attached to this book is the character of Camille's mother, Adora. She's the polished evil mother kind who treats her daughters like objects, something to dress up and show off, something not human. Whenever I read something that Adora said to Camille, I realized how different relationships between a mother and daughter can be. I realized Adora is poison, Camille is poisoned. 

A line from the book:
“I just think some women aren't made to be mothers. And some women aren't made to be daughters.”

 I'm too attached to my amma, she is my best friend and mainly my everything. When I was reading this book, I actually kept reminding myself how blessed I'm with a mother who brought me up into a bright young person and never ever disappointed in being the best human in my life. I know you don't really read my blog but if you're reading, thanks amma

Above was the emotionally attachment part.

Camille amazed me. The misbehaving kid from a big rich family and ends up trash. The book title comes from her addiction with sharp objects, Camille cuts. She writes words on her skin. Always afraid she might lose them. This hit me hard and it felt like I belonged to the fear that she had, I'm always scared that my words will be lost somewhere if I don't pay attention, if I don't save them, if I forget to take my notebook everywhere.

“I am a cutter, you see. Also a snipper, a slicer, a carver, a jabber. I am a very special case. I have a purpose. My skin, you see, screams. It's covered with words - cook, cupcake, kitty, curls - as if a knife-wielding first-grader learned to write on my flesh. I sometimes, but only sometimes, laugh. Getting out of the bath and seeing, out of the corner of my eye, down the side of a leg: babydoll. Pull on a sweater and, in a flash of my wrist: harmful. Why these words? Thousands of hours of therapy have yielded a few ideas from the good doctors. They are often feminine, in a Dick and Jane, pink vs. puppy dog tails sort of way. Or they're flat-out negative. Number of synonyms for anxious carved in my skin: eleven. The one thing I know for sure is that at the time, it was crucial to see these letters on me, and not just see them, but feel them."

I love this book, not because it's a good mystery and all my guesses for the murderer were wrong but because this book made me feel about things I long ago forgot they matter. This book more includes rich rich rich people problems, sisters bonding, drinking problems and high school drama ft dark creatures aka 13 years old troubled girls. I'm telling you, it's a v interesting read.

Also, another line I like that's so powerful:
“See, there I am. I told you I lived. I told you I was.”

Also I've just finished reading another Gillian Flynn book yesterday (Dark Places) and will be writing a review for it soon. I have a feeling I'll pass this year's book reading challenge (I HOPE I HOPE) which I've set on 50.

Have you read any Gillian Flynn book? Or this book? 

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23 January 2016

5 kind of people I need in my life

This started as a ranting post when I started piling things in my mind (AREEBA RAISES FIST AND SCREAMS ABOUT HUMANS) but it's more like a wishlist now. The kind of people that don't exist or need to exist more in my life. 

People that gift me books
Paperbacks, hardcovers, anything. I just want a few of human beings to show up to my house when it's my birthday or I'm feeling so down I can't feel my head and bring me a nice book to read. This is the kind of life I want, full of people who actually care about my love for books and NEVER let me read an ebook version of anything. This would be true love, darling.

People who ask me to show them my latest artwork
Since I was a kid, I've been running around the house, shoving my sketchbook into my family's face and ask them how they like my newest creation. I might still do something like that but I highly appreciate human beings that ask me to show them what I've been creating lately. It just feels so good to be around people that actually put effort to make me feel good about something I love doing most. 

People who say my name when they talk to me
What are you doing, AREEBA!!?! I don't know why but it DOES feel good.

People who blog
Actually, this means people who blog and live near my house so we can go on bloggy lunches together. Bloggers in my city are rare, I've only ONE bloggy friend (HI JADIRAY) other than my twin sister. One time we 3 accidently went out to eat something together. I want more of that, a table full of bloggers, planning posts together, giving away tips.

People who send me their playlists
Just a few days go, my friend sent me her playlist of rock punk songs because I needed to hear more of those and get over shit things going on. I realized it feels super good to have people sending you songs to fix things that need emotional support. 

Are there any kind of people you want in your life?
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20 January 2016

wear make up or not versus IT IS MY CHOICE

I'm the kind of person who wears a lot of make up or v little amount of make up or not at all, well basically I wear make up as much as I want or go bare skin outside if I feel like it. 

Most of the time, my make up is just for blog posts, mainly to add volume to my photographs, increase the visual beauty. I take myself as my art journal, add colors, take pretty pictures of me and blog about it. And then one day, it struck hard! Is it falseness, pretence, fake, double-dealing? & other horrifying thoughts. Well, I've realized it's not. 

Basically, make up is just an option for me. I apply the darkest lipstick for one occasion and try to contour my face (which I really suck at) or don't even apply anything on my face for the next occasion and I'm completely fine with it. 

I see people talking of  & supporting human beings who wear a lot of make up just because they want and it's actually a good thing to let people be happy with what they want to look like. It's such a humanly behaviour. But then I thought, what about people like me? Who wear make up sometimes, just sometimes. I went to a wedding with a bare face, a few women flinched (OMG THIS GIRL PUT NO MAKE UP ON SHE IS SUPPOSED TO HAVE LIPSTICK ON ) And I went to another wedding with a lot of make up, a few  more women flinched (OMG WHY IS SHE WEARING MAKE UP SHE DIDN'T WEAR IT LAST TIME) I wear it or not, it's just a v personal choice. I feel good when my skin is free of everything. But it also looks good to paint my face with eyeshadows and lipsticks. 

 Make up isn't a necessity. It's just a choice, an option. It's not drink your coffee, eat your breakfast, eat your make up kinda important if you don't want it to be.

Here enjoy my bare face. Oh I have beeswax lipbalm on (it's the one thing I can't live without, thx dermatitis) I just feel good in my skin, with make up on or not and it's the best thing a young person who have a paper skin with a lot of issue can ask for.

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19 January 2016

tell me your secrets

Hi people of blogland, I'm drinking chilled water and being totally babe and will convince you to spill your secrets here, not even kidding. Give me a try.

The glasses are actually borrowed from a kind soul named Noor

The secrets: I need you guys to tell me your secret recipes/ways/ideas about the way you guys write your blog posts. The main idea is simply HOW you write your blog posts. Your inspiration, do they come from pinterest or tumblr or some other part of real world or from a human being? How do you take photographs for your blog? Sunshine? BLACK MAGIC?

Yes, I'll be totally publishing each and everything in my monthly zine. If you guys don't know, I run a monthly blog zine named bloglanders and its 4th issue is in progress and needs submissions.

SO, spill your secrets, email them to me and be a part of bloglanders and share the love to the bloggy community. 
AND! There's going to be a bloglanders chat on every Friday on twitter using #bloglnders hashtag, timings are:
6pm London time
10 pm Pakistani time
1 pm New York time

So follow me on twitter to stay updated!

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16 January 2016

Words from books I'll never write pt1

Dear readers, this blog is my safe heaven where I can try things, fail things, not-fail things and succeed a little, be happy, create content that makes a difference. So I'm trying one more thing here, I'm trying to write more, imagine more, be a little more than what I already am. So, this is a new post series, will be posted weekly/monthly/whenever I'm done writing something. I am not good at sketching characters or writing anything at all that makes perfect sense but look I'm trying. This post series is a sign of trying. These are incomplete, improper & totally raw scenes from my mind that I want you all to read. Let's give it a go and stay with me.

"I thought his mother gave birth to a disappointment, I wondered how he managed to be this sad with all the privileges and money and a house so glorious and a family that loved him and paid for every fucking thing he wanted. Maybe it was just that he was too young to understand real life and real problems. Or maybe that he never found a real problem so he created them for himself. He broke his own heart by wanting things that'll only harm him, he got close to people who lived far away from the city he lived in, so the distance made him cry, he pushed away real good things in life, in short, he made everything miserable for him. 
I was sure he was going to hell when he dies because this is how we're brought up, thinking we can decide who can go to hell or heaven as if we know, as if God has left this upon us. But now whenever I look back at him, the almost invisible connection we had, I see a broken glass. His parents created him and put him on the shelf of most fragile things in house. But they forgot he was a human being and us humans crave pain to feel alive. And after everything, I don't hate him for everything he did, to himself and all the girls and his family, I think him as a human being who was trying to feel alive but in the way got lost and filled himself with everything bad."

the second one

"But my mother never looked me in the eyes and asked anything. She just patted me after every time I punched a boy in school or on street. I really never realized why she didn't. I thought she was afraid or maybe she was too strong to raise a baby girl who wouldn't make same mistakes as hers. I had a theory about why she never looked in my eyes and scold me or try to find out why I did that: I thought she was afraid to find that I, her favorite daughter, was afraid of something, especially of her. She let me grow up like a wild plant, special wild plant that didn't need care but she took care of me by herself, all by herself, she shaped me in the most glorious wild plant you'll ever come across."

There's a short story in the corner of my mind. I think there are a few more words I can manage to write before the weekend is over.

I guess all I need is a little more courage.
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13 January 2016

The bookish day/date/people/errrrything

Last weekend I went to my monthly book club meeting and one of the members, Jamal, surprised us with A BLIND BOOK DATE. Basically, he brought so many books for all of us but wrapped the books and just wrote a few things about the book. The real don't judge a book by its cover thing in real life. I got this huge book I'm showing off above, it's about everything paranormal/out-of-this-world.

The Book Fam. Picture by Farman.

The people in this picture are my book fam, tho a few are missing from it. But here we are, like a proper imaginary family, meets up once a month, talk bookish joke bookish, eat, laugh and go our separate ways. We're different in ages, different in tastes in books, differently in love with different fictional characters but we love books the same. I can never be more thankful to be a part of a club that embraces books and the beauty of reading. It's been only a few months since I've joined but I know it's the kind of thing I'll be taking my future kids to and asking everyone to encourage my kids to read mystery books.

This month's topic was to bring the favorite book of 2015. I brought Gone Girl obviously. A post is long due on this book because I'm totally in love with it and I can't believe I haven't blogged about it. It's the kind of book I tell all of my friends about. So if you haven't read this book already, PLS DO READ IT so that when I blog about it, we can actually talk about it and be obsessed with a few characters in it.

Also, I've made a goal of 50 books this year again. And I'm NOT failing it this time (yeah I know I failed 2015 but it's a new year new me) And I've updated my goodreads shelves and I'm totally going to slay the book reading challenge. 

Do you like reading books? Any reading goals for 2016?

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12 January 2016

Current Faves

These things above are the stuff I am emotionally attached with right now. It basically feels like my love affairs with non-living things because I'm in love with these and actually can't live without them.

Since it's windy and sometimes cold, I NEED MOISTURIZATION. Apart from the lip balm I can't live without, this Jergens lotion is my everything. It is smooth and actually heals the paper skin I have.
 THIS THING IS MY LIFE RIGHT NOW. Since I need to stay motivated for making more art in every possible way, I need to art journal/make more art/wreck more pages/art art art. If you don't know what it is, it's simply an art journal BUT with some instructions on how to destroy it in order to create something out of it. If you want to keep up with my wrecking progress, follow me on Instagram.

I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS ALBUM. Halsey is everything I needed in my playlist. It's beautiful, haunting, powerful and mysterious. I realized that things in my head got better when I put Control on repeat. Someone from my family has revenge as her word of the year so I had to sing it for her so she can make it her song of the year. Ya know, we need music for motivation sometimes.

In the last, I'm madly in love with my blog design. It's one of the most beautiful I created for my blog. If you need a facelift for your blog, head over to my blog design studio and let me create something for you too. 

What are some of your current faves?
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6 January 2016

Bloglanders Issue #3

Hey there bloggurls! 
The third issue of Bloglanders is finally out. Its theme was the life of a bloggurl, to embrace the beauty of the second life all of us live. This issue includes stories and art pieces by some of your fellow bloggers and yours truly. Also, it has a lil bloggurl talk corner featuring Jemma from Dorkface blog. Give it a read and PLS let me know what you like and what is it what you all would like to see. 

Special thanks to Abbie, Envy, Seemal & Marietta for contributing and making this issue possible. Also, support your creative squad and share this with your internet friends!! I will soon be posting about the next issue's submissions guidelines so stay tuned if you want to contribute for the next issue. Blogland needs more creativity and remember guys ILYSM!!

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1 January 2016

First creative project of 2016: Hashtag Oh Journal Etc

Happy new year everyone. After gracefully living the rough yet beautiful year 2015, I'm stepping into 2016 with plans of creating more and living more. Create was my word for 2015 and I think I did justice with it and fell in love with this word, still carrying this love with me in 2016. So for the sake of creating more art and wrecking more journals, I'm vvv happy to announce that me & one of my very good creative friend Hawwa are bringing y'all a creative thing, #OhJournalEtc

#OhJournalEtc is a creative art journalling prompts project. In collaboration with Hawwa, each month we are going to post four art journalling prompts on our blogs, and each week we are going to complete one of those ourselves and share them on our instagram accounts (with a monthly wrap-up post for each of the four prompts and our own art on our blogs, new prompts for next month will be announced in the wrap up post). We want to make art and inspire and we want you to do the same, so we're inviting you to join us. You can complete as many pages as you want based on the prompts we post and share them with hashtag #ohjournaletc on instagram for everyone to see your art. 

The name comes from our instagram handles. Ohareeba & hawwaetc and we both do art journalling so we're mixing our love for creating art together.

The four prompts for the month of January are: 

1. 2016
For the first week, the prompt is 2016. Turn your vision and imagination and hopes for 2016 into art and make your art journal even more glorious.

2. Blue
Paint and draw with the feel and use of blue color. Use albums and quotes that make you feel the blues, ADD TROYE SIVAN'S BLUE NEIGHBOURHOOD IN YOUR JOURNAL IF YOU LOVE HIM. The winter blues can make a lot of good art journal pages too.

3. Cultured
Keep your culture close and religion closer, this is how I live my life. Show off your culture with some art. We'd love to see what your traditions and cultural art look like.

 4. "Art wasn't supposed to look nice; it was supposed to make you feel something." (Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell)

You don't have to make perfect perfect perfect journal pages, you just have to pour your imagination on your art journal. We only want to preach art, make it and inspire everyone to do so too. I hope you'll join & create something beautiful with us. Because remember, art isn't supposed to look nice; it's suppose to make you feel something. SO COME JOIN US AND MAKE ART & SHARE IT TO THE WORLD & MAKE IT A BEAUTIFUL PLACE.

You can also read Hawwa's post here.

PS: The third issue of Bloglanders zine is coming out soon. Stay tuned!
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