30 December 2015

To create is to destroy

The head scarf thing with sequins that I'm wearing is handmade. I started making it months ago and recently completed it. It turned out better than I expected because it was just my mother's ruined headscarf and she might have told me to give up on it. 

I bought a wreck this journal - the first page says to create is to destroy and this is the most motivating thing I've read in a long long time.

Though it took me a minute to fully understand what this sentence was proposing. Not just destruction but beautiful destruction. The kind of destruction that build creative human beings.

 I see people like me who surround themselves with imagination and books and paint and find homes in things that are not buildings. And then I see others telling me and people like me to go back to the real world but we still are in the real world, the creative minds aren't in the space or out of the planet, we live here too, we breathe the same air, we just have different visions. It feels more like an accusation to me when someone tells me to come back to the reality. I'm in the reality, if I draw stuff sometimes doesn't mean I live in my sketchbook pages.

Creating stuff means a lot to me. It makes me feel powerful, like a person who can do things, who can make progress, who can create a little thing of beauty. And for me, artsy creations are a way to destroy the doubts of artists in the society made up of people with money and or imaginary money or wanted money or everything that includes money, to be sure of their abilities and everything they can do. Create to destroy doubts & create to survive.

Let's create and destroy. And find beauty in it.

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  1. Wow, what a powerful, thought-provoking post. I love what you created from your mom's destroyed scarf and how you embraced the quote from your journal.

  2. First of all, you are absolutely beautiful! <3
    You should know that I've just discovered your little place on the web, and I'm already in love. It's incredible bloggers like you who make this such a great community, and one that I'm proud to be a part of each and every day. Keep being YOU!
    ~ Sanjana

  3. Yay! I love seeing people be creative. Keep doin yo thing, girl. Also you are stunning and that headscarf is awesome.


  4. I love the way you wrote this blogpost. I totally agree with you, doing creative stuff is the nicest thing. You're such a lovely and creative person, wish I was a little more like you haha.


  5. First off, YOU MADE THAT SEQUINED HEADSCARF AREEBA?! Holy crap, that's fantastic!

    This is a beautiful post. I miss being creative, as I feel I lost it eons ago when adulthood happened and I wasn't the child I use to be. She was filled with imagination and happiness, doodling and ignoring her abysmal artistry. Creating and destroying are one in the same, there is beauty in destroying because there will be creating. In that sense, yay.

    xx Bash | Hey Bash | bloglovin'


  6. Lovely, powerful post all about the wondrous creative process! I totally agree - thank goodness for creative minds!

    - Holly x


  7. Your headscarf is beautiful! Good work!

  8. Wonderful post! You look gorgeous xx

    Hannie Arden from Missing Wanderer.

  9. I love this content. And oh heeey! Hijabi! Finally found one. I've been looking for hijabi bloggers for like ages. You're really pretty though.


  10. Lovely post, Areeba. I think there is such magic in the creation, and perhaps even more in the destruction - and the most of all in the ways in which they come together. You are gorgeous + ethereal, and your art even more so. Thank you so much for sharing. xx

  11. Wow, you're so talented!! Such a gorgeous head scarf! Never stop creating girl. :)
    Yours Truly, NY | INSTAGRAM

  12. Amazing post and your looking is so beautiful

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  13. Forever love to see creative posts like these, experimenting with the process, and seeing what magic the outcome brings. You're stunning by the way!

    //teandtwosugars.blogspot.com xx

  14. Couldn't agree more!this is so well written girl! Art is so powerful. It's a door to a whole knew world, and I love it!
    I recently bought "This Is Not a Book" by Keri Smith and I love it. My creativeness wasn't a 100% last year (which sounds like so long ago ). It's really helping me to get on going.
    Jade xo

  15. I love the way you are. Creative and looking for ways to create something new out of the old. Ordered for the book too in Amazon



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