5 December 2015

Love Affair With December

It's December all around. Wicked, windy and wonderful. It's been my favorite  for years, for no particular reason. I was born in August, I don't celebrate Christmas, none of my crushes have birthdays in December. It's more like I woke up years ago and I decided to make it my favorite month and write about it. Quaid e Azam, the father of Pakistani nation was born on 25th December but I don't think this is my point. It's just that I like when it's cold outside and Decemeber is the nicest month which is cold and allows me to wear nice sweaters and jackets. Another point might be I heard Back To December by Taylor Swift back then, the time she still cried over famous boys (now it's famous boys' turn to cry over her, ta da) and my love for December grew because I love Taylor & I LOVED the song (yes in all capital letters). It was probably 2011 and I was still a baby.

Last year, we bought One Direction's cd on a midnight roadtrip and played Story Of My Life for more than once. I fell in love with the song, the night, the boys (1D obv) and well, December again. But the fact that the worst person paid for the cd still pisses me off.

And this year, I'm an independent bright woman (I like calling myself that) and I finally realized loving December is a metaphor for me. I fell in love with a cold thing, just like the past hearts I've loved. Cold things are my personal favorites, December, pop sicles and cold hearts. This is the December mystery.

What's your favorite month and WHY? Anyone else deeply and madly in love with December?
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  1. Yes mam! My most fav time of year! Where its Finally cold enough to drink coffee 'round the clock! I was born in September, but have always loved December! Great post girly!

  2. I love December too, Autumn and Winter are my favourite times of year, I love the crisp cold air and the crunchy leaves and also wrapping up cosy! xxx

  3. hello again areeba! hope the month has been kind and lovely and full of magic so far for you xx personally i do love December, but my favourite month is August, it's the end of college work and the beginning of creating + writing + discovering [ it's also my birthday] but yes, there's something wonderful about cold December, and curling up with warm blankets and hot mugs of tea, hope you have a great holiday! xx

    safah - oh, how i wander

    [ ohowiwander.wordpress.com ]

  4. I have this same feeling for the December, too. It's quite gloomy month as it marks the end. But it's also a ray of hope for the new beginnings. I love the cold weather it brings here.

    Noor | Noor's Place

  5. I am not a fan of winters but going to school in December and seeing the city hidden under a thick blanket of fog is so oddly serene and brings back some great memories. Love the post, brief but a treat to read.

    The Brunette Head

  6. Its my favourite time because it's festive but its sooo cold!

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