15 December 2015

Life of a bloggurl

Waking up in the morning/afternoon/evening/basically-whenever-I-wake-up, I check my emails first. It's a ritual since the bloggurl life started. And it's one of those golden unwritten rules: Never. Not. Check. Your. Emails.

Things change when you have a blog. It's like living two lives, in a good way, not a secret psychotic killer in disguise way. I like it more than the lives inside my head (this comes from fandoms of tv shows & a lot of reading) because it's almost real. The friends that come with it, the stuff that you sometimes get & the attention and appreciation that comes your way. 

So, from checking emails, going gaga over topics you want to blog about, making blog planners, meeting new bloggers through emails and chats, buying new products cos you saw it on a blog OR YOU SIMPLY WANNA BLOG ABOUT IT, everything in between. I want that. I want to hear from you about the life of a bloggurl YOU are living. This is why I have decided to make it the topic for the new issue of Bloglanders.
Write about it, maybe draw, or just babble about your bloggurl life and send it to me. I'll pile everything in our little blog zine. If you haven't checked, here are the previous 2 zine issues.

Can't wait to see what y'all come up with, my creative bloggurls!
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  1. This by far, is my most fav, picture! You and laptop!

  2. AAAH LOVE the new design Areeba! So gorgeous, and I'm excited for the next zine xD

  3. Aahahah i love this post and your new design and i can't wait for your new zine! i really want to start making physical zines when i have time too!!

  4. I think I've accepted the fact I suck at emails. It's just not my shining trait. I plan on working on it, as it is quite rude to leave people waiting so long. How do you manage your emails so you don't get overwhelmed, or spend long amounts of time checking/replying?

    Happy Holidays!

  5. Hi Areeba!
    I'm new to your blog, but I already love it. It looks so cool, but what I really love is this zine you're making. It really gets the community together. The topic you chose for the next issue is awesome, I think every blogger relates to it. Can anyone submit a piece? 'Cause I'd love to contribute to this wonderful thing you're making :)

    x Envy
    Lost in Translation


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