22 December 2015

Johnny Depp's photos might do something good to the world

I spent hours on internet to find + edit Johnny Depp's rare images (to me, at least)  The beautiful, beautiful, beautiful Johnny Depp. Each bone perfectly carved. I've already seen some of his movies 1000 times, I'm making a list of all of his old movies to watch, to see him in his youth, all of his beautifully moving atoms on the screen.

And in between doing all that, I realized that internet is making me do weird stuff with my life. Im under my balnket, my toes are freezing, I'm collecting photographs of a man who's real old now, planning to publish it on my blog and not planning to do something productive with my life. But then I relized, it is productive. The world would get to see his beautiful face wrapped round my doodles and edits and my fancy words and some of you might whisper how good this is doing to you, watching his face. Because I can guarantee that his face is inspiring, to make you do great stuff. 

I'll leave you with it.

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  1. I do stuff like this sometimes too, and I always have the same thoughts! "Should I be doing something productive?" But you're right, it is productive (and creative too!). I like the last one, and the one with him and Winona the best.

    Happy Holidays!

  2. Oh yes Johnny Depp certainly is a hottie. What's Eating Gilbert Grape is a really good oldie. Benny and June is odd but entertaining and he's quite young in it too.

  3. The first one is just <3 and I love Johnny Depp not only for versatility as an actor but also because of his humble and grounded nature.

    The Brunette Head

  4. Well I certainly appreciate this post
    Merry Christmas!



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