25 December 2015

Are you unsuccessful?

This title might be too attractive, but it might be worth being unsuccessful.

It all started when I tried hard to be successful, it went great, until it didn't. 

I grew up observing all the successful people and tried to be motivated. But I realized I wasn't really motivated, it was fun seeing them grow and be more successful and all, but it was just them, growing even better and I was just, I don't know, just watching them.

And after all those years of experimenting with successes and not-successes, I realized I don't get what motivation actually is when it comes to watching nd learning from famous successful people. I mean, it's amazing to hear their stories and struggles and things they've been through. It's all cool. But. Seeing others successful isn't always motivating, it's envious too. It was awful to admit it publically first, but it is no more. Because it doesn't matter anymore.

What I find motivating is being unsuccessful attempts at things. What it means to me is this: At least you tried. At least you wanted to do it, you tried your best, you tried to make progress, you tried to do something, you tried to change something, you tried, at least you tried, you are still trying. This means more than anything to me. 

This is what unsuccessful people/things/project look like to me. A symbol of someone's trying and falling really down, maybe they'll try it again and again and again and they'll rise. It only takes a few more attempts and a few drops of bravery. It excites me to see all the unsuccessful attempts to be something. Because this is I'm right now, a work in progress, failing and trying, failing and trying. Like an incomplete building, maybe a little wrecked too, maybe I don't look as good as I am designed to be. A failure of an architect. But I hope I build myself according to the best design in my head, it will take time and more courage and more wreckage but I hope it will be worth it.

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  1. Love this!! I felt the same way, I felt jealous and envious and even started hating their success. Not because they where successful but because it reminded me I wasn't! You definitely hit the nail on the head! <3

  2. Love this post girl! You're right! Failure isn't always failure! It's a learning block! That you have to climb over in order to get to your destination. Great post!

  3. Only just discovered your blog & I am in love! Awesome post and can't wait to read upcoming ones!

    - Holly x



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