12 November 2015

The sky was so dark I had to draw the stars

A few days ago and I was outside sitting on a wall and I saw sky changing color again. Things turning dark look beautiful at first, just like the sky and then it gets dark. And then people get lost in its darkness. I blame the small amount of stars when I can't see things and need light, I need more stars on my bare sky. If the sky isn't lighting more of them, I'll just draw some on mine. I want to live under a sky full of stars.

The lovechild of moon & sun, it'd look like something that I drew above. Beautiful like moon & fierce like sun. Now that's something I wish I could read a book about, does anything this exist? I would love to read, an affair at space ft stars and blackholes.

 Those stars, they have stories about all of us, written on the skin of the sky. The most shiny star is telling about the girl who won the battle against herself. And that tiny glittery star tells about the tiny baby who just opened his eyes. And sometimes, if you spot a dim star on the far away on the edge of the sky, it's of a human being who just got his heart broken.

It's my second photo diary on blog. I doodle when I'm happy and I doodle a lot when I'm sad. This is the thing with drawing, it keeps you busy and saves you at time. The sky is my favorite thing. It's a big big big canvas, ready to be painted if only one knows a way how to touch it and color it the way it deserves. I do it in my head, a teal sky with a lot of stars. It'd look beautiful.

Do you have any theories about your sky?
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  1. Dearest Areeba, I was once again pulled into your world by your magical, poetic words. I love me a good poetess. I usually type poems for all the photos I take. So, it isn't much of a photo diary. Hey! You just gave me an idea. Maybe I could do a Poem Diary?! Put up photos I fell in love with and type poetry beneath. *hugs*

  2. Beautiful piece as always my favourite lady! I love night time and the stars, I always stare at them thinking about how tiny we are and what it would be like to be up there! xxx

  3. Oh god, I love sky & I love your words and I probably love you in general, too. Your doodling skills are so good. Like, YAAAAAAASSSSSSS!

    Noor | Noor's Place

  4. I love the notion of being able to draw your own stars into the sky—so poetic!! Not to mention that your doodles are amazing <3

    Chic Dream Jar

  5. Loving this aesthetic. So #tumblr ;) I lived in Beijing for eight years until I moved back to the States last year for college. The pollution in Beijing is horrible, so now when I see beautiful skies, I really, really appreciate them so much! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  6. excuse me while i stare at the absolute loveliness of these photos, so gorgeous! *runs off to stalk your blog some more*

    Safah - oh, how i wander
    [ ohowiwander.wordpress.com ]


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