13 October 2015

Letters that will never be sent

I have started another notebook and finally got myself an aim to finish it. There are so many unfinished journals and notebooks buried inside my cupboard that never got a chance to be filled with ink and words and my untold stories. But, well, things are a little different now.

I'll be writing imaginary letters to almost imaginary people. In my notebook. 

This is all started because too many ghost memories and people that are too good to be real. And as it's already started, I don't mind filling pages with ink. Humans are wonderful to write about. Well, most of them are.

Obviously I'll be sharing lil pieces of those writings on this blog.

I met a complete stranger a few days ago and things are changing, awfully fast. It's weird and wonderful that one human being steps in your life for a very short time and everything changes. It's both positive and negative because it's making me upgrade myself + my life but at the same time I'm afraid of changes.

I lost a human being and that person was totally my everything just a few days ago. It's funny people come and go and leave this big big big void for you to handle. I like getting calls and tell about my day but of course nothing is same. It can never be.

A vvv typical person I don't like.

Writing's going pretty good. Sunshine's pretty good. Autumn's almost here. Things are getting very well. 

Do you write a notebook?


  1. I've been writing in notebooks since the third grade and I have like a whole bunch of them finished. I haven't been working on them as much since I started blogging...but I really should! You just can't express yourself the same way on a blog as you can in private in writing.


  2. I have spare notebooks & I SHOULD start writing since you already are. Plis lend me some motivation and skills and wonderfulness that you're full of.

  3. Great blog!
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    Et Omnia Vanitas


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