11 October 2015

Internet xoxo

I found internet a place where everything is unreal yet it's real at the same time. WTF BUT HOW AMAZING IS THAT? I spend a big part of my life online, I am a respected citizen of this big beautiful world of internet and I know how things work here, at least I think so. But people in real life with real jobs with the only social media they can run is a Facebook account don't, they can't because when you don't do it, you don't know it. 

Internet is basically like your meal plan. If you eat more junk, WHAT DO YOU EXPECT TO TURN INTO? A vvv weak person. If you eat healthy, your soul & skin both will radiate. This is the same with internet. Behave yourself and do good and have fun here. But if you are into bad stuff, I am 200% sure it's going to hurt you both online and offline. The thing is, internet is neither a good or bad place, it's just you. This is the main point, you can't step up and say that web is unhealthy. Dude, it's just you.

Well, I think internet has been one of the biggest blessings in my life. See, this blog and my social media accounts. Tumblr & instagram especially. I've come across amazing people through it, I 've created a life and lived the greatest moments just because I knew how to use it well for myself. Internet isn't toxic, it's 2015 and things aren't as they used to be in past. 

Just a week ago, one of the most glorious weekend happened.
An insta meet in Karachi. AT Frere Hall. WITH ALL THE AMAZING PEOPLE I SAW ON MY SCREEN.
4 October, 2015.

At Frere Hall, Karachi. The old British era buildings around us.

I've posted a couple of these on my instagram. The topic was #todayImet, to meet new instagrammers and kill the awkwardness by taking their portrait and talk.

I don't think that day could get any better, it was the most glorious weekend of 2015 so far. I met people who are amazing not just in taking photos but also with human interactions. You see people online and think they're too fab to be real and when they're in front of you, smiling or saying something vvv sweet, life become unreal itself. I've got the chance to live all those few hours with my instagram people and it turned out SO GOOD that I never imaginedined. 

Look, this is what internet does to you sometimes, it makes your life better.

Also, THANK YOU EVERYONE for appreciating the zine me & my bloggurls posted. Keep the submissions coming, I'll make a whole blog post about the guidelines for the next topic. If you haven't checked it yet, GO DO IT ASAP!

Your turn, what do YOU think of internet?
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  1. how cool, i'd love to do something like that :)

    danielle | avec danielle

  2. How cool, I've never been to an Instagram meet up!

    - Liz Lizo

  3. Such an awesome post! Thanks for sharing :)



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