29 October 2015

Final goodbye to the summer

It's really cold outside, so many dead leaves and the songs of wind. People, summer has officially ended. And I am so happy about it. But it deserves a farewell no matter if I've waited whole year to be winter. It will be vv winter soon and I'll turn to all dark make up. Maroon, plum, purple and everything that matches the weather. 
So this post is the final goodbye to summer, with a few tropical shades on my eyes.

I got this gigantic palette with these palettebrushes & rings from LightInTheBox guys.

It's so pretty. So many colors, I feel rich.

I blended three types of green with silver and a lil golden above. It looks fresh and I felt like I should be dressing up as a mermaid. Green reminds me of ocean and it's the only place my heart wants to be 24 hours a day. The waves call my name, everyday.


 The shades.
It's summer on my face. Tho, it's no more around my heart.

How is the weather guys? All ready for winter make up?
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  1. Oh my gosh that eye colour on you in absolute perfect, you look stunning! xxx

  2. Hey Areeba! Salam and greets. I was traveling! I am catching up on all your musings now. Just a quick question, did I miss Bloglanders entry for this month? I am a panic mess right now because I was on vacation for ten days and I left everything messy and unplanned. What's the theme real quick?!

  3. P.S. Love the pashmina hijab on you!

  4. Okay, final comment, I found the theme and I have emailed my piece to you! Cheers!

  5. that palette is incred, colour mania!!!! and beautiful make up x


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