20 September 2015

Important stuff like WORK & EMOTIONS etc

The basic golden rule to live life is still unknown to me. Each day, I'm trying to be better at life by very random ways like waking up early and not stop my alarm and enjoy beautiful mornings. Or making so many glorious plans for life in my head. Or tell people how to fix their skins & their lives. I realized I give good tips & advices and even write good stuff sometimes, but there's a BIG PIECE missing. Like something inside my head or something in god knows where but something is missing for sure. And I think I figured it out yesterday, WORK ON WHAT YOU THINK. This might be my vvv own golden rule for life from now, today, this moment. I haven't planned what I'm going to write in this post but I'm sure of one thing, I'm going to preach WORK BABE WORK.

So this is how it works:
Want good sweaters? WORK ON THOSE LEFT PATCHES.
Remember that zine idea you needed to apply on your own blog zine? WORK ON IT
It's deeply simple and I'm actually very sorry for myself for coming up with this just a day ago. 2015 miracle. I can't believe this year has been vvv complicated and yet my favorite of all.

So I'm working outside of my head. Patches for my future cute sweaters, working on this blog post, working on my mail and working on my state of being emotionally unavailable. Emotions, those little tiny earthquacks inside of you. Feelings, Terrible terrible terrible feelings. The ups & downs and lefts & rights in this rough path of emotions are horrible. Maybe this is the side effect of being young. Maybe I should just read a little more psychological thriller and be Amazing Amy [Gone Girl reference] for a week or two.

And more important stuff:


I need more submissions to publish a monthly zine with different topics each month. Right now, I am looking for a little team and monthly contributors to help me with the zine. I'm looking for illustrators, photographers and writers. The positions are unpaid as it's a vvv tiny project (i hope to see it grow) and I'd love you your support and contribution.

WHAT: A collection of words, raw thoughts, ideas, art, photographs, digital illustrations by the bloggers, no matter what type of blogger are you and where are you based, this blog zine is everyone who has a blog and understands the life of a blogger.

HOW: First issue's topic is "Relationship With Your Blog", you can write/photograph/draw about what do you think of your relationship with your blog and this blogging community. How do you see other bloggers? How your blog made a difference in your life? How things were different when you didn't have a blog? What does your blog mean to you? And everything else you think might fit for the issue.
WHEN: The deadline is 28 September. First shiny new zine out on 1st October.

Let me know if you're up and into making good good good stuff together.

How are work & emotions going for you?

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  1. This Bloglander zine sounds like an awesome idea! Might submit something to share :)

  2. I totally agree with this I need a literal life revamp and am taking motivation and lessons from you! xxx

  3. I'm so excited about your zine. I can't wait to see how it turns out to be. Also, can I just say that I'm 800% in awe with your writing now. Sthaap writing so beautifully, okay? You're messing with my feelings now. <3


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