14 September 2015

I just want to sleep and regret everything

I woke up this morning, 8 am, no college on Monday and absolutely no feelings of a new week. I'm happily ignoring every responsibility for a week and I'll try to be better at life some other time. And I realized there was a voice in my head that was probably telling me to go back to sleep and regret everything later. I was almost going to do that, but I tried making my first ever photo diary for this blog post. Let's give you a tour of my very uninspired Monday morning.

My shiny sheets that gives almost royal vibes.

Trying to make a connection with the outer world

Well, no.

This feels like a scene taken from tumblr and stitched in my morning. I highly appreciate the view, god bless.

IMPORTANT: She woke up one day and threw away all her excuses. The tiny card over there.

This is the latest book I've started reading. A musical mystery. I like the way the writer is unwrapping an old affair, twisted with love and loss. I will write a review on this big beautiful book.  

On my way to an undamaged skin with these pills. Me & dermatitis are old friends.


How was your Monday?
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  1. I love the effect you use on your photographs, it automatically makes the pic look super cool lol. I'm attempting to get better at taking photos this month - half way through and I'm yet to get started! My monday was..a rollercoaster. Here's to a better tomorrow?

    Damzel In This Dress

  2. I love your lights! I wish I can just lay on bed the whole day and relax :3

  3. You have a new theme! I like it and I love the font you used :)

  4. Beautiful photos Areeba, most days I wake up and want to regret it later I use that excuse quite a lot actually haha very naughty xxx

  5. Sleeping in/staying in bed is so nice! Especially when it's typically a school/work day; it feels like a "stolen" day.

    My Monday wasn't so relaxing, I had to get up at 6 and be at school at 7. At least it's almost Friday (ish)?

    Angelina Is | Bloglovin'

  6. Oh gosh I'm exactly like this, I seriously used to just stay in bed all day and rethink life choices and avoid future life choices lol. Btw have I told you lately how much I love your blog? Because, yeah. I do.


  7. Ohh you got to actually stay in bed on a Monday morning.. how nice! I always want to.. I'm always so comfy cozy..


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