13 September 2015

First Thousand Days

 Yesterday me and Noor went to Nestle's #First1000Days event. It was basically about all the nutritious that a new born baby needs from the first day to the 1000th day, DOs and DON'Ts for mothers, Nestle's policies and etc. 

As I have to watch over so many new born baby cousins, I actually think I will be preaching all the stuff I learned at this event to all my aunts who are new mothers.

Before the event was actually started, we all were asked to close our eyes and remember the best moments of our lives nd then share them. Well I closed mine and I couldn't think of anything. Maybe that's what always happen when I try to remember something and my mind is like HAH. Or the best moments are yet to happen. I highly prefer this second option.

Nestle's officials briefed us. Here's Shah Mujeeb-ud-din, who is the country compliance manager briefing about WHO code.

Knowing that the Pakistani nation has lost 4 inches in height over 5 decades was quite terrifying. WE ARE GETTING SHORTER. Our 50% height is determined in the age of 2 so this is where the mothers have to pay attention more. First 1000 days are vvvv important.

PC: Hina
Filling this made me feel like I was at my science examination, again. 

These blogger events are crazy cool. You look at some person and tell them you know them but you actually can't figure out where/how you know them but you just do. I met this cutie Kashaf yesterday and realized we follow each other on Instagram. Plus there were so many known faces around that it almost made me feel like I was at home. Wow, internet.

I'll try taking nice food photos next time. 

 With the people. 

Thank you Nestle Pakistan for the goodies & TDF team for inviting me. It was fab!

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  1. This looks like a fun event for a great cause! Would love to hear more about it :)


  2. I absolutely love your blog design and your new picture, plus I love nestle yum yum xx

  3. This looks like a really great event! I've never been to a blogger event, but it sounds like lots of fun!



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