17 September 2015

Diyar e Dil - FANGIRLING

I believe in fangirling with such great interest that the imaginary/unreal people become my actual friends and their stories/lives moves around my head and ruin my senses at some point. Sometimes I call it my second life. Well, I prefer living in it more often than the real ones. It's fun here, trust me.

This week's Dayar e Dil (which is my MOST favorite drama rn) was overwhelmingly emotional and LOVELY. I mean, all Fara scenes, Zarminay finally befriending Faraa, Fara finally seeing everything completely clear. EVERYTHING. So I made some fanart to celebrate all the feels this drama has brought me in all past episodes.

Emotions overloaded

 Cheesy, right? But God bless fictional crushes. Stay safe from real human beings.

 Arjmand's wedding was HARD TO SEE TBVH

 THE BEST MAN OF THE SHOW. Well, he died. Usually my favorites die. Like Sirius Black died. And Umar Jahangir died, haven't really recovered from his death tho.

 Well, I get it. I take fangirling vvvv seriously. 

What kind of fangirl are you?

PS: Guys, from next week we'll be doing #bloglanders on 8pm Pakistan time, 4pm as London time and 11 am as New York time. But tomorrow will be the same timings. MARK YOUR REMINDERS!!
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  1. I don't think I necessarily fangirl, but I do think I have a tendency to overly-obsess over movies/music/makeup etc. I fixate on one thing for a few weeks and then I move on to something else, lol. But I will say as far as shows, Reign is at the top of my list & when it comes back on Oct. 9th I'll be very much obsessing lol.


  2. He is still my favourite. Even when he is dead. Miss him.

    1. I would have preferred to use my Wordpress ID while I commented but that was somehow not meant to be.


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