9 September 2015

An ode to Umar Jahangir

Umar Jahangir, a fictional character that I can never hate and a part of one of my most favorite novel Amarbail written by Umera Ahmed. Not just favorite, it's that kind of book I ask about first when I hint someone reads Urdu books. So the thing is, HE DIES IN ON THE LAST PAGE and I'm still recovering from this news.
Here's an illustration in honor of him
He loved a girl Alizay. And he sacrificed all of his feelings for her (I LOVEHATE THIS PART) and he dies on the last page from a bullet (I HATE THIS PART) and everything is so complicated. Love, rage, family, disappointments and being so powerful that it gets out of hands. This all makes Umar all whole. 

After reading hundreds of pages of this novel, I expected good things to happen. I mean, when you start liking a book while in the middle of it and get inappropriately attached with the characters, you want them to be healthy and happy and perfect. But the writer had other plans and she ruined a part of my emotions for the rest of my life. 

I cried, cried, cried until I was sure it's real. He died. He ACTUALLY died. My shrine of emotions had another grave of another fictional character that I loved. Writers know how to disturb their readers in the most beautiful way that we can't even complain but remember the story and maybe live it a little.

 If Umar Jahangir looked like an emotion on my face, it'd look like this. Umera's vvv bad joke, tears and grief and an unknown satisfaction that I quite never understood. Maybe it was that Alizay would lead a normal happy life. Or it was because she finally knew he cared. But there's a deep void in everything about it.

Still, Amarbail is my favorite book and I don't think I would stop looking at some parts of it time after time. 

Fangirling, forever.
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