28 July 2015


Welcome to Useless Updates, it's the time of the week when I put unnecessary (or sometimes really important) updates from life + doings + everything I can think of on internet because that's how I live.

-I missed last week's useless updates post oops. This week I came up with a name that looks scientific. It's ux2 that means 2 U(s) that makes Useless Updates and tell me this sounds smart.

I found this vvvvv good compilation of Urdu afsany. Afsany are short Urdu stories. I love it because all the characters talk in the same way as old people from my family talk. Finest Urdu, the beauty of language remains alive. The words, phrases, tone, everything sounds familiar and it gives me a boost of confidence in writing for an Urdu digest (Khawateen digest here I come) I've been working on everything that connects me back to my language because no matter how many languages I learn and work on, there's this comfort in Urdu that takes me back to my roots and somehow to my VVV REAL SELF.

If you live in Karachi and want cheap but great books, just go find book stalls of Bait-Ul-Mukarram and thank me later. They've got all these awesome books for less than you can imagine and it's a very good thing preaching about good book buying places.

VIP (Very important pose) with books.

And I hope all the Teen Wolf fangirls are uncomfortable because of the recent episode (GODDAMN JEFF DEVIS) I'm having so many feelings about Teen Wolf. 
Here's an ode to Scott & Alison fetus love.

Actually the trouble is not having Derek around. One of my MOST FAVORITE Hale and fictional character on fictional planet in my mind. I'll never forgive Teen Wolf team for letting him go and before letting him go, RUINING his character and making all of us feel bad for him. He's DEREK, a Hale, he doesn't let people feel bad about himself but he fights, fights, fights and save silly young werewolves. That's what he always do. If you haven't got Derek Hale in your room/class/school/somewhere in parking lot telling you that you're a vvvv silly werewolf now, you're NOT official silly werewolf yet. 
So this upsets me every time all the guys fight and the exciting typical teen wolf music plays in background, my stomach hurts because WHO IS GOING TO SAVE SCOTT WHO IS GOING TO TELL HIM WHAT NOT TO DO WHERE IS OUR DEREK? 

Really, too many feels.

Talking of feels, TROYE SIVAN IS RELEASING NEW MUSIC HOLY SHIT I AM GOING WILD and well, the album is called Wild. 
Just look at this face.

Do you have some useless updates to put on your blog? Let's join me. There are just a few rules to follow.
-Make a Useless Updates post. All other irrelevant posts will be deleted.
-Follow your host aka me.
-Grab the button or link back in your post.
-Psst, have fun.

Useless Updates


  1. The fact that you cussed twice makes me want to high five you!

  2. I won't stop mourning over the loss of Derek. WUTT EVEN!

  3. Never watched Teen wolf - I used to really get into shows like this! lol cute post!

  4. I love Troye, his music is so beautiful. Oh and I really like the poem you wrote.

  5. Oh I'm really excited for Troye's new music
    Also, I love the look of the books you bough! I don't know a place where I live with cheap books. Okay maybe one but it's a bit far from where I live. Not an hour drive :P but you know, just far.
    Jade xx

  6. This is the 2nd time today I am reading about 'book stalls of Bait-Ul-Mukarram' I think we should do a book shopping meetup there ? It's always nice to read an Urdu book that connects you to your roots & culture cos in today's world we've become the most confused generation which didn't know how to read Urdu.

  7. the more promos I see for teen wolf, the more I think I should be watching it.

  8. SO I JUST FOUND YOUR BLOG AND I'M SO GLAD I DID BECAUSE WOAH IT'S AWESOME (and i love your art) and YES, finally, I found a fellow Asian blogger!!!!! (Although I am half Indian, half Pakistani and live in England but OH WELL)

  9. I love short stories! Check out The Outsider by H.P. Love craft. Urdu stories I don't think I could read unless it's in English. I love your culture, and reading more about it every time I visit your site.

    - Harlynn


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