8 July 2015

Istanbul: Love, Bastard, Wanderlust

Welcome to my love story with Istanbul, the city of Turkey I've never been to and already feel homesick for it.

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This is basically a visual treat for my blog to have all these pictures to remind me everytime I come across this post to pack my bag, rebel against my college schedule, sell my stuff and catch a plane to Istanbul.

I can't think of living somewhere else than Karachi in my life because moving on from here is impossible, you can't get the taste of Karachi everywhere especially when it runs in your blood. Karachi is another love affair that I carry along. Falling for Istanbul is because these two cities - Karachi & Istanbul - sound alike to me. A city lied right by the sea, divided into too many faces, a different universe, a city out of control. That's what I like, the behavior of these two cities is out of control. In my mind, they're relatives, a piece of family that are supposed to be separated for the lifetime yet the same story running in their veins. I feel that going to Istanbul would mean I'm still in relation with Karachi, that I'm still connected to the city I really fell in love with, the city I belong to.
 I was reading The Bastard Of Istanbul and it said that Istanbul is heartbreakingly beautiful. So is Karachi, it's just that people often forget to dive into the city's skin and take a look inside, it's painfully beautiful.

I picked this book just because of this title, it has Istanbul in it. It's not the first time I picked a book because it had a city's name on it that means a lot to me. Ha, Karachi You're Killing Me.

The Bastard Of Istanbul has left my emotional level unbalanced. It's the kind of read that leaves you hanging into a void, leaves you alone with your thoughts that might really hurt you. I know this because when I finished this book, I really wanted to insult someone asap so that I can come out of the tension stretched inside my mind. Just because WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED IN THE BOOK HOW THE HECK IT HAPPENED IN THE BOOK. I like this kind of books that leave me hanging and emotionally disturbed so that I know I felt the characters and the story.

The story is about women of the city, a family with a lot of women. Reading about their culture and the way the live their lives and actually yelling at some parts in my mind that THIS HAPPENS IN MY FAMILY TOO was actually fantastic.

If you've read the book and want to sound like a book pal: I THOUGHT ASYA WOULD DIE.
Well, she obviously didn't.

I thought she would suicide, or I want her to suicide next time I read the book. And I think of someone killing Mustafa brutally like stabbing him 500 times or slapping auntie Feride until she was in her mind finally or singing to Petite Ma softly.

The book is telling me that Turks are out of control. But knowing the fact that the writer was threatened to be sent to jail after she wrote this book & my encounter with Karachi You're Killing Me, I really don't judge a city by a book written about it because it'd be a joke. If you've read this book about Karachi, you'd think I'm a drunk loser who hates her dad's cat a little lesser than her whole life.
So, I'd rather imagine something else.

And meet my first ever reason to love this city for the first time.

Asi, a Turkish drama serial, started on a tv channel here in Pakistan when I was dealing with my high school and got addicted with it. Well, it was Urdu dubbed. I needed a getaway, a new and proper fandom and I ended up watching its 12 episodes in a row because the tv channel was running a marathon of it. This drama showed Turkey and pushed me to dive into this country's skin and dig and find what I like. That's the point when I looked at Istanbul differently and told myself yeah Areeba I'm falling for it.

It's the story of love and dark past and regrets and mixed intentions. It includes the only kind of love story I can bear, the intense love that survived through a heck lot. The couple of Asi & Demir is my ultimate favorite and I am not taking it back in anyway in any part of my life. Asi is the brave farm girl living in Antakya who rides horses and loves her family and hates Demir. Demir is Istanbul living guy who has a dark broken past and a good looking face and he hates Asi. Their families share a dark past. They met, they hated each other, Demir killed her beloved horse unintentionally and then there's a lot to keep on talking but they finally fall in love.

Well they get divorced in second season which was the hardest part. This is the only fictional divorced that got onto my nerves and I was yelling at tv screen that day on Demir to take back all allegations he had on Asi, I wanted to tell him that Asi was not the reason Demir's sister died.

He left. Without knowing he has a daughter coming soon to this world.

And second season ruined me inside. There's so much that screwed up my theory about "getting over it" NO I DIDN'T GET OVER THIS. I will never get over this damn tv show.
Well Demir met his daughter without knowing she is his daughter after 7 years. There's a past you can't runaway, he dug about his own past and found out bout his daughter. The best thing is that they had a happy ending. They ended up together - Asi & Demir - they had a happy ending and this is one of a few facts that keep me alive.

This is the thing about Turkey and Turkish things, they make me feel something. Intensity, love, past, wanderlust, whatever it is, it's ever changing. I would just tag it under all the things I'm going to be obsessed for the rest of my life.

Another imaginary quality. I can even fangirl about a city. 

What's the behavior of your city, guys?


  1. Take me with you when you finalise your rebellion plan and pack for Turkey! I've yet to read this book it sounds SO FASCINATING!!!

  2. I love Turkish stuff too hehe :] This post got me so pumped for my trip coming up! You should just join me there hehehe.

  3. YOU SAID IT ALL......No doubt I fall in love with Istanbul. The best thing about this book is that sweet recipe and how she used its ingredients for each chapter. I haven't seen anything like it before. We can't relate anything in Karachi You're Killing Me cuz it didn't happening in our part of Karachi but in The Bastard of Istanbul you can relate to it. Please do read Forty Rules of Love too.

  4. Not to mar your sheer excitement but I think turkey is teensy bit overrated. I mean it's beautiful, maybe even breathtaking at times and the people are all kind and lovely. But still a little something is missing and I've no idea what that 'little something' is. Plus, it's more like Islamabad - apart from the tourism thing - rather than Karachi. But I've never been to Karachi, so, who am I to tell ?
    P.S. You are unbelievably creative.

  5. I skipped a lot of this post because spoilers, haha. I really want to read it; the author is one of if not the most well-selling female author in Turkey.

    I don't know much about your city of Karachi, but I have been to Istanbul, and it is just absolutely beautiful. I was only there a few days, as I spent most of my time in the country in Ankara, but in those few days I knew I absolutely had to come back some day. The city is like a collage of ancient and modern. You'll be walking down a tight ally of restaurants and hotels and next thing you know you step out into a wide open space with the Blue Mosque to your right and the Hagia Sofia to your left, both built hundreds of years ago. It is such a fantastic city. I only got to see a small part of it, but I desperately hope to return to it someday to see more.

    Katie @ paperbackplanes.blogspot.com


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