19 July 2015

Eid 2015

Successfully survived Eid 2015 with lots of food and less eidi and a lot of disappointments. Eid is supposed to be fun, maybe the "fun" thing is just for kids and people like me, who haven't decided if they're still kids or officially not-kids & they've grown up already,  are usually stuck in a dilemma about it. Well, my eid was just fine. I couldn't capture my first day look because I'm unbelievably  NOT into taking selfies sometimes. So here's my second day of eid's face.

Let me tell you my theory about eid. If your first eid day isn't fun, the second is going to get worse. I'm sorry but it's horribly true. But have hopes for third day. That being said, I've a terrible day today that includes unwanted dressing up and being sick and nobody letting me touch biryani.

Well, I like eid more than any other occasion. Even if I can't really enjoy it sometimes and have to hug so many human beings in one single day that irritates me a lot but still I like eid more than anything. After all it's our gift after Ramazan.

I have got this vvvvv orange lipstick that matched my shirt. Actually I've realized I like orange lip color on my pale brown face more than any other color. We might be best buddies in future. Born pretty store guys were kind enough to send me this so that I can talk abut it on blog. It's vvvv orange and shiny and it smells good.

Technically it's a lip crayon. And I even tried to color my henna with it. 
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How was your eid?


  1. I love the orange lipstick girl! Omg...your smile and necklace isbeautiful!

  2. It's okay if it wasn't as good as you expected, because you looked amazing!! Love that lipstick colour too <3

    The Journeys of My Beating Heart

  3. Henna is so fun!! Orange lipstick, unfortunately, does not look good on pale people. but it looksbeauitufl on you!

  4. Orange lipstick suites you beautifully!!
    Jade x

  5. Belated Eid Mubarak! :) You look so happy and excited! :)


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