3 July 2015

Broken Stars

Today was going to be a "personal post" kind of day, I had kept some pages of my journal to go public today but I guess there's something else more important I'd want to blog. 

My face. 
It's simple brownish pale face with many moles. It shines bright sometimes, when I'm with friends telling an old tale or a newly baked prank in my mind, or I'm in college auditorium, debating, talking on stage. It shines for whatever I hold inside. Sometimes I color my face with make up. Not to make it look differently but for there's a blog post I need to do or when I'm pissed or extremely happy or we can say when I'm emotionally disturbed. Sometimes I pat my cheek to check if my cheeks are really chubby as people say or it's just their imagination. I feel my face, whenever I touch it, I know it's the same simple brownish pale face as it was years before. Nothing has changed. 

Nobody has tried to ruin whatever is on it.

These are the stills from ARY tv's Ramazan telecast. Mussarrat Misbah brought all these women on the show to share their stories. Mussrrat is a famous Pakistani beautician. She has helped hundreds of acid attack victims. With donations, she pays for their medical treatment and then trains them for the workplace and basically give them a new life or I better say not just that, a new way of life. I saw all these women on the show, listened to their stories and all I was able to think was how strong they had grown after this happened to them. Each woman suffered, struggled & shined again. Whoever did this to all of these women thought it would make her go down, ruin the powerful women inside her or something more terrible like taking her own life. But that's the contradiction here. When you break a star, it's even brighter inside.

So that's what stuck in my mind than anything else. 

When a face is ruined, it's assumed that a person is ruined. The simplest theory is that face is all you've got. A big part of this society we're in believes it to be true. Sometimes, I really doubt the human beings I'm surrounded by. All these women with these burnt faces because of someone's cruelty are much more than a face, there's a whole wide universe under their skins. If only you're able to see right through them, the person who did this to them suddenly looks so small.

You know what it was actually like? It was like watching so many broken stars gathered together, everyone had a different story, all of them still shining, some of them even brighter. They were the real heroes of the moment. And I couldn't do anything except be proud of each of those strangers and learn a few things about being a strong woman, it doesn't matter what's on your face or what's missing or what's the aesthetic everyone's following, it's just what you choose to turn out after being twisted and broken and being mistreated by the beasts you can't do any harm to.

Women empowerment is amazing. 


  1. I loved the show and seeing all these women rising again was amazing!!! Women empowerment is INDEED amazing!

  2. When you break a star, it's even brighter inside. -> this goes so well with what you've written. It's indeed sooo true how small the person who did this to them is. All I see is braveness and strong-ness in those women.
    Like Noor said.. Women empowerment is so amazing!
    Jade xx

  3. This is a very powerful post. It touched me, thank you for your beautiful writing and for sharing this.

  4. OMG! Areeba your post reminds me of Burns Ward of Civil Hospital back in 2012 when I was visiting my friend. I still remember those faces. I can't understand how people become beast to do such thing. No doubt Mussarrat Misbah is doing a great job for past few years. It's really great to see those women sharing their stories. I love this line in your post which define it all 'When you break a star, it's even brighter inside.'


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