22 June 2015

Useless Updates #14

Welcome to Useless Updates, it's the time of the week when I put unnecessary (or sometimes really important) updates from life on internet because that's a way of living.

It's Ramazan time that means fasting, fancy food, too much fried food, 10 bottles water intake in 5 hours and plans for eid. Everything was going fine and fun (I think there are so many fffffs here, talking of alphabets) until Karachi got into a heat wave scandal with nature. Basically, we're going to be dead because of this heat that we're having right now. I can imagine myself as a roasted chicken. This city is too much hot right now. Fasting and bad summertime don't really go well along, people get hurt. I hope it rains tonight.

And I've been making cloth patches with my favorite lyrics on them. Words on cloth are the best thing ever. I can feel my words on my finger and that's kind of magical.  

Teen Wolf is coming back in just a week and I'm prepared to have my emotions screwed up because the trailers & spoilers are so intense and dark that it hurts my stomach and I feel terrible about Lydia and Scott. There's no Derek Hale anymore so I feel terrible for myself, too. I kinda like that guy (I LIKE HIM TOO MUCH, but still Peter is my most fave)

Well I've started New Girl and I ship Schmidt & Cece so bad. No spoilers please, I'm on just 2nd season.

I was thinking if I am not dead by this heat wave, I might go out and do amazing stuff with my life like write a book or help street children. I wish it rains here before something really awful happens to me. God bless Karachi.

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