2 June 2015

Useless Updates #11

Welcome to Useless Updates, it's the time of the week when I put unnecessary (or sometimes really important) updates from life on internet because that's how I live life.

-I'm already late to publish Useless Updates on blog because my internet wasn't working well enough to be responsible for a new post on blog. I might change my blog name from I Have A Messy Bun to I HAVE A CRAP INTERNET CONNECTION because that'e how my life is right now.

-I've been embroidery-crazy since lately. Embroidering feels great, my hands weaving my imagination on a piece of cloth and the thread leaving a pattern that carries all my love & hard work. The only thing that's bothering me is that I've lost the thread I was working with on this shirt and I have no friggin idea WHERE IS IT #embroideryproblem

-I'm a part of Cassy's Creative DIY Club and this month's topic is BOOKISH! I can't explain how exciting this is for me! I love books & fictional characters in every possible way. Can't wait to show y'all my favorite characters turned into my art. Hint: Might include quotes from Abdullah, Umar from Ammarbail and some books inspired blog posts like To All the Boys I've Loved Before.

-I've been taking part in #JCBPhotoADay on Instagram by my friend Jadirah. It's a June photo challenge, though I'm not really good at this kind of thing but I'm trying my best and the 2 days have been gloriously fine & fun. May the photo topic be in my favor errrrryday.

-GUYS PRETTY LITTLE LIARS COMES BACK TODAY. I couldn't be anymore excited. I can't wait girls to kick A's ass and let him know he's been the worst living thing on this planet. Season 5th's finale left me hanging with so many theories that kept torturing me with curiosity and rants about coming season. Finally, the wait is ending today.

-Since it's June & I'm talking of tv shows, Teen Wolf is coming back too, But it's gonna be a late June opening so I can wait and make a blog post later whining about Derek Hale, crying with happiness, dreaming on Peter Hale and everything in between.

That's all from my week.

Do you have some useless updates to put on your blog? Let's join me. There are just a few rules to follow.
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-Psst, have fun.
Useless Updates


  1. Very nice!!follow me on gfc and i follow you back!!now i follow you on pinterest,instagram,bloglovin ,google+,i hope you follow me too!!!kiss

  2. Areeba...that would be a kick ass name for the blawg! I feel your pain! I used to love cross stitching, which is kinda similar, but with my eye sight these days, not so much! It is fun though!

  3. Ever since it's been on I pretty much follow every other season of PLL. It's a love-hate relationship. I feel like every time we find out something new, there are 15 other mysteries added. It gets to be a little repetitive, but I might give this season a try. I can't even remember where I left off....


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  5. So excited for PLL! Always have to wait an extra day since I don't live in America, so I'm going to watch it tonight :) xo

  6. Cool blog... cute name!

    All the Cute
    Today’s Post: Beauty Routine & Review (still an outfit post!)

  7. I used to watch PLL too, but I haven't found the time to catch up yet. Have they already figured out who is A? :p


  8. Haha, definitely joining this one!
    I love the style of art you're working on with embroidery.


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