9 June 2015

The art of wearing your own art

I've been posting about an embroidery piece that was in process in every possible social media I use and finally I completed it and guys, it's a t-shirt, covered in my geometric design.

It took me 5 days to finish it and while I was choosing between whether I'll lose my eyes completely or I'll just get glasses because embroidery hurts my eyes a lot, it was finally completed. Well I've never I'd actually pulled it off because my geometrical designs are very neat, small and well ordered and working with threads on a small designs really hurts. 

I've never known the real feeling of wearing my own art. It's not just a piece of cloth, it has my most favorite drawing on it. It felt like success, an art coming alive on my skin, weaved on this shirt with my hard work and love. I've learned only one thing in life so far: If you can't get it, create it. I create everything I like/need/want. No matter if it's the things or my own life. 

I'm getting better at winged eyeliner game, it's a type of art that should be promoted even more. Don't you think that getting a perfect winged design is ACTUALLY a hard task because it is. May your eyeliner gives you wings. And you fly away, find the freedom you crave.

And I thought I deserved a little embellishment. Glitter, sparkle, sequins and I'm in.

Before this post ends, can you all take a moment and appreciate the perfect Lorde lip color I found in amma's make up bag? Joining the dark lipstick clan right now. I think I'm craving for a Vampire Purple now.

'Till then.


  1. You make me want to pick up every bit of art I had to leave behind when studies got real hard! Absolutely love this creation of yours, it is certainly one of my favourites and if you ever decide to sell your art work embroidered on tees, I'll be the first buyer! YOU LOOK SO BADASS with that winged liner and Lorder lippie! Welcome to the dark side. >:D x

    Jadirah Sarmad | Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  2. That shade and perfect eyeliner just made your face an expensive piece of art ☆☆

  3. you're very creative, that's really inspiring <3

    nahye || http://nahyesland.blogspot.com/

  4. You look absolutely beautiful the lipstick was what I noticed first actually it really suits you, and I am so impressed with your design I would not have the patience xxx

  5. I love your design - so cool (you really make me wish I was more creative!). Plus your lipstick is lovely by the way!


  6. That lip color looks great on you!

  7. These photos are just, ridiculously dope. They're edgy, eclectic, and just art. Plus I agree that winged eyeliner is art. After years of trying I just decided it wasn't for me and I stick to smudged eyeliner. I like the messy look.

    Speaking of Lorde, did you buy her color for MAC? I wanted to, but never got around to it.


  8. I really like how the t-shirt came out!


  9. Just OMG! You are so creative. Love that creative embroidery pattern.

  10. Areeba! Make me a shirt! Ermhagerrd.
    Who needs eyes, anyways? It's worth losing them because you made Christie happy. ;)
    No, but really, though. The red lips and winged liner (jealous of how good you've gotten) is a good look on you!.

    Christie's Take on Life. xx

  11. You rock the winged eyeliner and the lipstick! I love your look. And very creative too, I wish I can create something like that and wear em.

  12. I love the whole ensemble! You should start your own line!

  13. Wow! That's embroidered? That is so gorgeous! I like! :)

    The Pink Lemonade Girl

  14. Your t shirt came out so cool.Love the DIY idea :-)
    PS you know how to make up and pose the camera xx

  15. Are you KIDDING me with this!!!! I am in love with this shirt...like I would buy one if I saw it in a store. I am so very impressed, this is just beyond creative and amazing. Also you look GORGEOUS, I am obsessed with that lip color!

  16. The lip colour really is perfect and again.... you are so creative!!

  17. Madly in love with the t-shirt. I can imagine how much patience you need to have to do it but I think it's such an achievement. The way you edited the photos are really nice!
    Oh and that lipstick is beautiful.. suits you perfectly!
    Jade x

  18. Winged eyeliner truly is an art form (and not one I excel at, though I do try!)

  19. Love your art! I remember doing an intricate embroidery once, my eyes were also in so much pain! I support the idea of wearing your own creation, it doesn't get realer than this :D Love your blog, your photography and your uber-cute smile! PS. I am a LORDE fan too :D


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