20 June 2015

Lorde 's Royal inspired face

Basically, this blog post more about my love for this glorious human being Lorde. 

Things like women empowerment, magic, crazy hair, people that screw standards, art, beautiful words & stories of coven are my favorite. And Lorde fits in each of these things. I heard her song Team first and that was when I realized that I'm going to fangirl about this girl for a long, long time. Bonus, she's from the Taylor's squad that makes me love her even more.

No dark lipstick, no vampire purple because I was in Thatta and choices are limited there because I don't carry all of my stuff with me. So I ended up picking this almost nude shade from my nanna's drawer and put it on and pretend I'm directly jumping out of Royal's video with a resting bitch face still on.

Thank you Lorde for singing Royals. I was never really comfortable shouting out loud about not being the royal. There's this lyric "You can call me Queen Bee" so respecting the nickname Ree I was given in the last school year, I live by this line "You can call me Queen Ree"

Well, let me live this fantasy.

I've grown to like people who aren't typical, who don't fit, who talk bout their passions with a fire in their eyes, who aren't afraid to be whatever they imagine themselves to be. It's the same with the music, the lyrics about love that doesn't exist, people you'd kill to make them yours, promoting low self steem, shirt-pulling-begging-to-stay themes are so not attractive. I like the adventure tales and a sprinkle of liberty walk when it comes to music.

From Tennis Court
If you listen to the lyrics of Lorde's songs carefully, they're different from the rest of music industry. Youth lives stuck between the supreme government that's ruining everything. The vibes are empowering and love this part most.

This is more like Amy Winehouse face tho.

These pictures were taken days ago and I never got time to put on blog. Well, it's finally Ramazan (WHERE IS TIME GOING)
 Ramazan Mubarak to everyone. I hope Karachi's weather would start being nice to all of us, DUDE IT IS RAMAZAN BE GENTLE TO US.

These two babes with their Lorde faces on. Our trio is so fab.


  1. Love Lordes! Love how she doesn't even try to fit in <3
    Loving the inspired look too. Is your hair naturally curly? x

  2. I LOVE YOU AND THIS POST. So Lorde, so fab!

  3. I had to come read this after I saw your instagram photo! Love the look on you! Love Lorde

  4. You're the queen of the winged eyeliner. Love the look!

  5. Loving the look! I like Lorde's music but I actually never payed attention to the full song lyrics. I should definitely do that. music like that is hard t find right now with all those cliche themed songs.
    Jade x

    Oh and I love the orange touch to your blog :D x


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