4 June 2015

How to draw your heart out

I'm that kind of person who lets out emotions on a paper, sometimes in words or sometimes in different shapes, ugly faces, complicated geometry pattern aka drawing. In all the past time drawing my thoughts away, I've realized that drawing is a good therapy. Letting your feelings out on a paper, drawing ugly faces for people you don't like, turning the best ideas into shape is the. best. feeling. Plus points, your head feels lighter when the drawing is done. Ta-da.

I've been drawing since I was a kid. I draw everything. From stick people to actual faces with eyes & nose etc (they're not really attractive most of the time) or flowers and ANYTHING. All I need is a pencil and a paper. Or boring classes that push me to doodle on my text books with hopes my teacher never get to see this.

So, I'd just preach you people how to draw your heart out even if you think you can't draw. The truth is, ANYONE CAN DRAW. You might not be the next Picasso but you can be the next I-draw-whatever-the-heck-I-like person.

First step of all, DRAW ANYTHING YOU WANT. Draw circles, simple lines, patterns that don't match, something that don't make sense or doesn't look good enough to you. The first time you leave a mark on paper doesn't have to turn out perfect, you simply have to enjoy what your imagination looks on a paper. 

Draw people around you
Not in that perfect face portrait drawings, imagine people how they look to you. Somebody has big nose or small eyes, just draw them in the way YOU think they look like. The result is usually more fun than you think it could be.

Or draw ugly faces of people you want to punch in the face.
Draw on lyrics
I discovered a drawing style when I joined a sketchbooking challenge back in last summer called Songs To Draw On. I can't just draw on one song title, it looks boring to me, instead I choose a lyric and turn it into drawing. It's SO fun. It's like seeing your favorite lyric coming to life, more colorful than it just sounds.

Find what you enjoy most
Drawing is fun. But it's even more fun when you get to know what cheers you up the most when you draw. I like drawing geometric patterns that look more like some psychological exercises. But it's my favorite type of drawing now. I can go on house drawing these patterns. In start, it wasn't neat as it is now but a little practice and a spark of passion does it all.

Draw what matters most to you
This is a Karachi appreciation art. Karachi is my city, I've been raised and born in here. Since a few years, situation here isn't friendly anymore and people are facing hard times. I Know, we HAVE problems here but it doesn't mean that it can never be fixed. I still love it as I loved it before. The sea, the lights, all the people. Karachi means a lot to me and this is what I was trying to draw on a paper. Drawing a city, a book cover, a character's face that's close to  your heart is another type of drawing I love most. Let your love draw the image.

Umm or just draw plants

When nothing goes right, draw a plant. Or a flower. Or any that could be a plant's part. Leaves are my personal favorite, they don't take time and doesn't bother with style. Everyone knows what a leaf looks like so it's actually very easy.

Just don't make sense 
Drawing is a hobby (for me at least) so it doesn't have to look good everytime or have a topic. It simply have to be fun, that's the point. 



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