29 June 2015

Good Muslim

Welcome to Useless Updates, it's the time of the week when I put unnecessary (or sometimes really important) updates from life + doings + everything I can think of on internet because that's how I live.

First thing first, I think it's time to grow up and add titles better than Useless Updates with a hashtag and a number. So the title this week looks better than useless updates #15. And I think it's poetic.

It's Ramazan guys. I love this month because everyone becomes so nice, their satans locked away, people trying to earn good points to jannah and good food. I came up with a little Ramazan visual art, trying to photograph a few simplest moments of the day.

The fine line between the dark & the light.

 Always counting yet trying to be tagged under the Good Muslim.

I have a little pep talk instead of really useless updates from the life of Areeba. I met a person, I wouldn't like to let you know if the person was a she or he. The person talked a lot, about everything but the main thing that person was telling was how much that person prayed and love Allah. It's not unusual when it's a religious time in your country so it didn't bother me much. But have you realized how awful is that? Loving your God or praying to God or praying for anyone is personal. There's a common perspective in society that if somebody is religious, he/she is good. THIS IS NOT HOW YOU LIVE PEOPLE. So when someone tells me that they pray a lot, I imagine a tattoo on their forehead telling LOOK AT ME PEOPLE I AM SO GOOD I HOPE YOU ALL THINK I AM GOING TO HEAVEN AFTER I DIE. Don't do this to yourself. It's 2015 and there are no saints between us. The only few holy people in this world would NEVER tell you how much they pray or much they love their creator or how holy they are. Beware of fake-holy-holy.
I just thought of giving y'all heads up.

For a real update, I'm working on an Asi drama themed post. It's a Turkish drama and I'm hopelessly obsessed with it. Actually I'm hopelessly obsessed with everything about Turkey. Somebody needs to take this problem of mine seriously and take me there. And more, I'm reading The Bastard Of Istanbul so the attraction to this country is irresistible. I need help. Talking of books, I just finished reading The Book Of Tomorrow and I felt this book more than I expected. I like having emotions upside down while reading a book.

And Karachi's heat is getting better, I'm not dying of dehydration anymore. 

How are your days guys?

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-Psst, have fun.

Useless Updates


  1. Loved this post :) And please Turkey is like the BEST!! I am happy I found someone as obsessed with Turkey as me :)

  2. Thank you for addressing the overly "good" in this post. We've all stumbled across individuals like that at least once! Also, Turkey is amazing. Istanbul was one of my most favorite travels. :)

  3. Yes, the "overly good" is in most religons, I'm sure. Wonderful post girl!

  4. i love this cute post,and oh yes lets go turkey together xx


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