26 June 2015

Duh I'm a Minnie Mouse

There is nothing better than wearing a handmade hairband that almost makes you guess is inspired by Minnie Mouse and a very bright red lipstick on a very random day. Chic vibes, disney dreams, hopeless wishes of being a disney character at some point of your life and realizing you're still stuck in your old life etc. 

Well the news is, I have my very own very bright red lipstick now. I've never owned one before so it makes me realize I'm really turning 18 this August and that I'm going to have a national identity card and an imaginary freedom soon. And this hairband is recycled, I attempted another DO IT YOURSELF BABE thing and I must say, this one is so neat. This gives me hopes about starting my own etsy/small business when I pass college, have a degree and no job.
I just want to say, I'm a minnie mouse and I don't give a damn.

Having red lipstick and practically Minnie Mouse ears on (well they really look like Minnie Mouse ears) I think I felt really important to myself and patted my own self for finally looking like a fictional character that once meant so much to me (I still love her tho) I've had 2 sticker books of Minnie Mouse and I never shared them with anyone because it's not everyday you get a disney sticker book when you're in 3rd grade.

I got this red lipstick from Born Pretty Store guys, they have some real cheap make up that doesn't destroy skins of us beautiful human beings and actually gives perfect results. It's glossy and moisturizing (I never thought lipsticks could do that) so it's a win win. So if you're looking for a perfect red lipstick, I'd suggest you check this one out.

Use my code  ARE10K31 while checking out so you can get 10% off :)

Gossip Girl

Till then.


  1. Woah !! You're looking incredibly BEAUTIFUL with minnie mouse hairband. :)

  2. More power to you with your own Etsy shop! ;) You look absolutely adorable, I love your posts 100x more lately and those expressions...!! :D xo

    Jadirah Sarmad | Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  3. So cute!! That color looks great on you!

  4. OMG so cute so cute so cute. I may have to borrow this from you.

  5. Lipstick and your expressions are so cute my, fav babe! xx

  6. ooooooooooh, I think you could start a store! I would definitely buy those look a like Minni Mouse ears *O* Btw: Red lipstick suites you sooooooooo well :D I totally adore you and yours sisters blog, so keep up the good work ^_^


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