29 June 2015

Good Muslim

Welcome to Useless Updates, it's the time of the week when I put unnecessary (or sometimes really important) updates from life + doings + everything I can think of on internet because that's how I live.

First thing first, I think it's time to grow up and add titles better than Useless Updates with a hashtag and a number. So the title this week looks better than useless updates #15. And I think it's poetic.

It's Ramazan guys. I love this month because everyone becomes so nice, their satans locked away, people trying to earn good points to jannah and good food. I came up with a little Ramazan visual art, trying to photograph a few simplest moments of the day.

The fine line between the dark & the light.

 Always counting yet trying to be tagged under the Good Muslim.

I have a little pep talk instead of really useless updates from the life of Areeba. I met a person, I wouldn't like to let you know if the person was a she or he. The person talked a lot, about everything but the main thing that person was telling was how much that person prayed and love Allah. It's not unusual when it's a religious time in your country so it didn't bother me much. But have you realized how awful is that? Loving your God or praying to God or praying for anyone is personal. There's a common perspective in society that if somebody is religious, he/she is good. THIS IS NOT HOW YOU LIVE PEOPLE. So when someone tells me that they pray a lot, I imagine a tattoo on their forehead telling LOOK AT ME PEOPLE I AM SO GOOD I HOPE YOU ALL THINK I AM GOING TO HEAVEN AFTER I DIE. Don't do this to yourself. It's 2015 and there are no saints between us. The only few holy people in this world would NEVER tell you how much they pray or much they love their creator or how holy they are. Beware of fake-holy-holy.
I just thought of giving y'all heads up.

For a real update, I'm working on an Asi drama themed post. It's a Turkish drama and I'm hopelessly obsessed with it. Actually I'm hopelessly obsessed with everything about Turkey. Somebody needs to take this problem of mine seriously and take me there. And more, I'm reading The Bastard Of Istanbul so the attraction to this country is irresistible. I need help. Talking of books, I just finished reading The Book Of Tomorrow and I felt this book more than I expected. I like having emotions upside down while reading a book.

And Karachi's heat is getting better, I'm not dying of dehydration anymore. 

How are your days guys?

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Useless Updates

26 June 2015

Duh I'm a Minnie Mouse

There is nothing better than wearing a handmade hairband that almost makes you guess is inspired by Minnie Mouse and a very bright red lipstick on a very random day. Chic vibes, disney dreams, hopeless wishes of being a disney character at some point of your life and realizing you're still stuck in your old life etc. 

Well the news is, I have my very own very bright red lipstick now. I've never owned one before so it makes me realize I'm really turning 18 this August and that I'm going to have a national identity card and an imaginary freedom soon. And this hairband is recycled, I attempted another DO IT YOURSELF BABE thing and I must say, this one is so neat. This gives me hopes about starting my own etsy/small business when I pass college, have a degree and no job.
I just want to say, I'm a minnie mouse and I don't give a damn.

Having red lipstick and practically Minnie Mouse ears on (well they really look like Minnie Mouse ears) I think I felt really important to myself and patted my own self for finally looking like a fictional character that once meant so much to me (I still love her tho) I've had 2 sticker books of Minnie Mouse and I never shared them with anyone because it's not everyday you get a disney sticker book when you're in 3rd grade.

I got this red lipstick from Born Pretty Store guys, they have some real cheap make up that doesn't destroy skins of us beautiful human beings and actually gives perfect results. It's glossy and moisturizing (I never thought lipsticks could do that) so it's a win win. So if you're looking for a perfect red lipstick, I'd suggest you check this one out.

Use my code  ARE10K31 while checking out so you can get 10% off :)

Gossip Girl

Till then.

22 June 2015

Useless Updates #14

Welcome to Useless Updates, it's the time of the week when I put unnecessary (or sometimes really important) updates from life on internet because that's a way of living.

It's Ramazan time that means fasting, fancy food, too much fried food, 10 bottles water intake in 5 hours and plans for eid. Everything was going fine and fun (I think there are so many fffffs here, talking of alphabets) until Karachi got into a heat wave scandal with nature. Basically, we're going to be dead because of this heat that we're having right now. I can imagine myself as a roasted chicken. This city is too much hot right now. Fasting and bad summertime don't really go well along, people get hurt. I hope it rains tonight.

And I've been making cloth patches with my favorite lyrics on them. Words on cloth are the best thing ever. I can feel my words on my finger and that's kind of magical.  

Teen Wolf is coming back in just a week and I'm prepared to have my emotions screwed up because the trailers & spoilers are so intense and dark that it hurts my stomach and I feel terrible about Lydia and Scott. There's no Derek Hale anymore so I feel terrible for myself, too. I kinda like that guy (I LIKE HIM TOO MUCH, but still Peter is my most fave)

Well I've started New Girl and I ship Schmidt & Cece so bad. No spoilers please, I'm on just 2nd season.

I was thinking if I am not dead by this heat wave, I might go out and do amazing stuff with my life like write a book or help street children. I wish it rains here before something really awful happens to me. God bless Karachi.

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Useless Updates

20 June 2015

Lorde 's Royal inspired face

Basically, this blog post more about my love for this glorious human being Lorde. 

Things like women empowerment, magic, crazy hair, people that screw standards, art, beautiful words & stories of coven are my favorite. And Lorde fits in each of these things. I heard her song Team first and that was when I realized that I'm going to fangirl about this girl for a long, long time. Bonus, she's from the Taylor's squad that makes me love her even more.

No dark lipstick, no vampire purple because I was in Thatta and choices are limited there because I don't carry all of my stuff with me. So I ended up picking this almost nude shade from my nanna's drawer and put it on and pretend I'm directly jumping out of Royal's video with a resting bitch face still on.

Thank you Lorde for singing Royals. I was never really comfortable shouting out loud about not being the royal. There's this lyric "You can call me Queen Bee" so respecting the nickname Ree I was given in the last school year, I live by this line "You can call me Queen Ree"

Well, let me live this fantasy.

I've grown to like people who aren't typical, who don't fit, who talk bout their passions with a fire in their eyes, who aren't afraid to be whatever they imagine themselves to be. It's the same with the music, the lyrics about love that doesn't exist, people you'd kill to make them yours, promoting low self steem, shirt-pulling-begging-to-stay themes are so not attractive. I like the adventure tales and a sprinkle of liberty walk when it comes to music.

From Tennis Court
If you listen to the lyrics of Lorde's songs carefully, they're different from the rest of music industry. Youth lives stuck between the supreme government that's ruining everything. The vibes are empowering and love this part most.

This is more like Amy Winehouse face tho.

These pictures were taken days ago and I never got time to put on blog. Well, it's finally Ramazan (WHERE IS TIME GOING)
 Ramazan Mubarak to everyone. I hope Karachi's weather would start being nice to all of us, DUDE IT IS RAMAZAN BE GENTLE TO US.

These two babes with their Lorde faces on. Our trio is so fab.

15 June 2015

Useless Updates #13

Welcome to Useless Updates, it's the time of the week when I put unnecessary (or sometimes really important) updates from life on internet because that's a way of living.

I'm on my summer break (It sounds glorious) and I went to beach today. The waves, the sand, the sky and the wind, they all were my best buds. I don't mind being in water whole day in the hope I might turn into a mermaid somehow. I love sea so much that I always end up leaving a piece of my soul in waves and crave to go back. Going to touch waves is always a good idea.

Guys, I just have no idea why I did this. Maybe I was trying to be a better mermaid than anyone else.

I still love you Buzzfeed.



I have to watch Tanu Weds Manu because I want to see its second part that has released and everybody loves it. Gush, the struggle.

AND I'M GOING TO SEE THIS MOVIE AND I HAVE HIGH HOPES IT'S GONNA BE SO FRIGGIN HORROR. Well, almost all of the horror movies I've had hopes for ended up driving me to sleep (See: Ouija Board)

You know what guys, I'm literally very tired like I haven't been in years. I want to curl up in my bed and sleep for days yet I want to get up and embroidery some stuff I've been collecting. I wish I had 36 hours a day.

That's all.

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Useless Updates

11 June 2015

Amarbail - A zine about the person I can never hate

 For those who have no idea what Amarbail is, it's a novel who turned my emotions upside down and tore me down into 7 million pieces at the last page and now it's my MOST favorite novel on this planet and still I have to meet up with the novel writer and ask her WHAT DID YOU DO TO UMAR & ME ON THE LAST MOMENT?

Umar is the main character.
Me aka Areeba is the hurt reader.

I made a zine about it because:
1) It's DIY Creative club's topic of the month, Everything bookish.
2) I like to think about fictional characters and write for them and cry for them and hurt my eyes and pretend they're real.

Amar Bail is an Urdu word. it means a plant of eternity. Bail is actually ivy. So Amar bail is AMAR = Eternal & Bail = Ivy. Amarbail covers other plants and suck life and glee from them, kills them and grow. It's kind of cruel but that's how it grows without any help, hurts others and build itself. I had to explain this because, well, I just had to. This title means how the hearts of characters were under attack of Amarbail of love & woe.

I love this title, quite intense it is. The zine is based on a character Umar. God empower me to cover other characters too but the main "Amarbail" feeling comes from Umar Jahangir, the hero I have no idea how/why I love.

Umera Ahmed wrote at the very start of the novel that this novel of her is based on one character, a character we won't be able to hate even if we try to. We can't hate them and it's our mistake. But we WILL make this mistake.

Well, she was SO right.

 There were points in novel when I almost hated Umar and then the next thought inside my head was, uh no, not hating him right now.

Umar is not the I-am-the-angle-ish-hero type, he isn't the good guy type at all. Yet he was all I wanted to read in the novel. He did bad stuff and still I was supporting whatever he was doing. Though I just once whispered "Oh no Umar" to myself but that's all.

 Wow, I was never that typical sentimental before.

This word written above is "Ishq", it means Supreme Love. Usually ends up in tragedy/loss/everything sad that hurts.

I added it in zine because Umar loved our other main character Alizay (as reffered as her in above picture) SO MUCH that he sacrificed his own love for the sake of Alizay's good life. I mean, WHY DID HE HAS TO BE SO GOOD? Alizay loved him back, he wasn't  a family man, he let her go, he wanted her to be happy, he pushed her away because he knew he couldn't keep her happy. HE FRIGGIN LET ALIZAY GO BECAUSE HE THOUGHT THAT WAS LOVE.

Maybe he was right. Maybe love doesn't always mean to have the person. Love simply means the person you love to be happy. It's just this simple yet the hardest thing even to think about.

 His life included a screwed up past, intensity and restlessness that never let him settle down, his family was a country's one of the most powerful families, he was hurt, he loved, he never showed the world  what he's been through and in the end, the whole story changes,

Our bad bad bad guy is the good good good hero we all cried about.

Well, he dies.

UMERA AHMED KILLED UMAR IN THE END AND I WENT ALL NUMB. I had no idea what had happened right before the novel was ending, Alizay was trying to be fit into her life, trying to be happy, everyone trying to be happy, Umar living his own life, alone, joining police force AND SHE SIMPLY KILLED HIM ON LAST PAGES.

He's actually the bad character I can't hate.

Fangirl feels.

9 June 2015

The art of wearing your own art

I've been posting about an embroidery piece that was in process in every possible social media I use and finally I completed it and guys, it's a t-shirt, covered in my geometric design.

It took me 5 days to finish it and while I was choosing between whether I'll lose my eyes completely or I'll just get glasses because embroidery hurts my eyes a lot, it was finally completed. Well I've never I'd actually pulled it off because my geometrical designs are very neat, small and well ordered and working with threads on a small designs really hurts. 

I've never known the real feeling of wearing my own art. It's not just a piece of cloth, it has my most favorite drawing on it. It felt like success, an art coming alive on my skin, weaved on this shirt with my hard work and love. I've learned only one thing in life so far: If you can't get it, create it. I create everything I like/need/want. No matter if it's the things or my own life. 

I'm getting better at winged eyeliner game, it's a type of art that should be promoted even more. Don't you think that getting a perfect winged design is ACTUALLY a hard task because it is. May your eyeliner gives you wings. And you fly away, find the freedom you crave.

And I thought I deserved a little embellishment. Glitter, sparkle, sequins and I'm in.

Before this post ends, can you all take a moment and appreciate the perfect Lorde lip color I found in amma's make up bag? Joining the dark lipstick clan right now. I think I'm craving for a Vampire Purple now.

'Till then.