10 May 2015

Useless Updates #9

-Finally the long, tiring and exhausting exams season is near its end. Can't wait for 16th May and I'll be free from the books that are currently haunting me. I don't like the idea of how education system works in examination halls, 3 hours 20-40 papers to be written and height of anxiety and mental torture. There should be a nice way of taking exams that doesn't kill me every time I enter the examination hall.

-I watched Bolay's video by Uzair Jaswal and it you haven't watched it SPOILER: IT'S SUCKY! The only reason I was watching it Usman Khalid Butt who was a total nerd in the video. He still looks cute though. I mean, really cute.

-It was Mother's Day yesterday and I didn't get to celebrate because amma dislikes this day SO MUCH that nobody even talks about it in front of her. Maybe it's because of her I hate special days too.

-I have a confession to make. I've never watched Friends before and I just started watching it last week AND IA M HOOKED UP AND I EVEN FORGOT I HAVE EXAMS GOING ON. Wot iz lyfe.

-Tomorrow is my psychology's exam and I have grown an appropriate amount of hate for it. I took this subject as self defense & how to hypnotize people but there's nothing like that in course so far. Disappointed I am.

-I CAN'T WAIT FOR BAD BLOOD'S VIDEO. I have faith in Taylor Swift videos especially after Blank Space.

-That's all from this week.

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Useless Updates


  1. I really enjoyed reading your useless updates :) Good luck for your exams.

  2. Yeah, trust meh, that anxiety is an age old beast! Even when I was In high school! Nobody liked exams! But at least the end is near! I LOVE your new blog design!!

  3. OH YAY I am so glad you are on the friends band wagon you will be HOOKED and it' a shame you didn't celebrate mothers day but parents have their own things don't they xxx

  4. I can't wait for the bad blood video as well! Taylor has been teasing us releasing teasers of all these amazing artists featured! I am so excited!

    The Pink Lemonade Girl

  5. Only a couple of days until exams are over - HOO-FREAKIN'-RAY!
    Good luck for the final stretch. Light and the end of the tunnel, baby. Light at the end of the tunnel.

    Christie's Take on Life. xx

  6. Hope your exams went well! And how do you like the bad blood music video? :)


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