23 May 2015

Pages from my he[art]

Here's a shiny handmade notebook cover that has eventually turned into something I'll keep my artwork in. More like a scrapbook. Things I want to say turned into images, that's how drawing works for me most of the time.

Today I'll be sharing a few pages from my heart. I mean, art.

My name is Areeba and I'm made of thousands of stars.

I wrote a poem once, inspired by Teen Wolf, and it's my MOST favorite poem ever.

Her love for him was eternal,
He kept waiting for her to come soon,
But They're destined to be separated,
He was the wolf, she was the moon.

I've been wondering how can I turn it into an image somehow. Moon + wolf,a complete affair in one tiny picture that'd keep the concept going. I finally ended up creating this page. I really love how it turned out.

Doodling on another level.

Moon & Wolf.

These geometric design is always my favorite thing to do on a paper, releases every bad thing from my mind and making perfect even lines become the only goal of the moment. 

And this, I named it People I Used To Know.

Representing people that once walked in my life and then faded away somehow. These are the faces that are just shadows in my mind and mean absolutely nothing to me. 

As it's finally vacations time (except I keep pretending that I don't have a Psychology's practical on 29th and I'm free) I will be putting more time in art rather than just watching tv shows and movies.

I'm working on three projects that I CAN'T WAIT to show you all. One includes emojis so I can't be anymore excited about it.

Make Art That Makes No Sense
People, we need things that are non-sense, fun & keeps us alive. Life goals include doing more of the things that don't need to make sense, to anyone at all. Make art. No worries. 

Are you doing any artsy thing?


  1. I love the poem plus the image you created for it! It's beautiful! Also I'm quite fond of the People that I Used to Know one. You make me want to create so much more in my sketchbook!

    Peace and Love,

  2. You are ridiculous. These are amazing. The People I Used To Know page oh my GOSH. must recreate.

  3. I love how artistic and creative you are!

    http://diamondsofsugar.blogspot.co.uk x

  4. Hi Areeba, this is great! :) I especially like the geometric patterns you drew and the details in them. :) The illustration of the People I Used to Know is also amazing, it seems so abstract and tells an interesting story. Have a lovely day. :)

    The Happy Candle

  5. It's cool that you keep a scrapbook/art journal like this! I think it's a good exercise to be creative just for the sake of being creative


  6. I LOVEE the poem and the Art piece combined with it! It's amazing and absolutely beautiful.
    Make art that makes no sense? Well that's perfect. Doing more arty stuff is definitely a goal of mine as well!
    Jade x

  7. I am so so so in love with the wolf one! The art is gorgeous and so is the poem.


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