30 May 2015

Lady Gaga Inspired Look

Well, I never knew this post was going to be real.

Lady Gaga. The woman who screws the fashion standards of dressing up and actually wears WHATEVER she wants. Sometimes it looks fun but sometimes it's TOO MUCH. Still, I think she's a queen. From the bow-tie hair to meat dress, I love when she surprises all of us. Even if you don't like what she looks like sometimes, remember she sings well and that's what matters most. Born This Way still is my MOST favorite album.

Anyway, here's the gaga look.

Basically, you can blame these glasses that I actually decided to go for this.
They look pretty similar to the one she's wearing in upper photograph so I thought I'd give it a go and GO GAGA for a minute or two.


 I never knew I was actually going to put it on blog, never thought I'd put on crazy shades and pretend to be Lady Gaga one day. This all looks great, it's my summer break and we all are allowed to go crazy once in a while. I loved doing this little get up and sing Born This Way all along so that it would feel real.

That's what happens when creativity strikes, BRUH YOU HAVE NO IDEA IN WHAT FORM IT COMES OUT. As a blogger, I usually turn my creativity to invent new ideas for coming next blog posts. Anyways, it went a success. And I loved how it turned out. Mini Gaga.

 I'd submit this post for Jacky's last round up of #MayMakers, I can't believe this glorious project of her is coming to an end.

Till then.


  1. If Gaga see this, she'll be proud of you Young lady :D

  2. WoW! Girl...Lady Gaga should be jealous!

  3. That lip is ridiculously amazing on you, you have to wear it more, seriously.


  4. You killed that look Areeba! Lady Gaga should be ashamed. lol

  5. Good job, loving the creativity side. xx


  6. That's so nice, you really pulled off the look.
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination

  7. I dont get how you managed to make the lip so perfect! I cant even put on chapstick without smearing it somewhere it doesnt belong

  8. This is so awesome!! The lips especially, remind me a little of the Queen of heart's from Alice in wonderland ^_^
    Iqra |The Blushing Giraffe x


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