21 May 2015

Karachi You're Killing Me - Everything you need to know about this book

Before you start digging about this book, this was my face when I was reading this book.Yes. Beware, this post contains a few spoilers but that would d just do good to your soul and you might thank me for not letting you touch this book. Well, let's start.

Karachi You're Killing Me is a very famous book right now, adapting to be a Bollywood film with all the hype. I read about this book online and the title contained Karachi so I was very excited to grab this book and have a read. Well, crap. 

I attended Karachi Book Swap club last week & Farman was kind enough to give me this book + a friendly warning that I wouldn't like this book very much. But God bless my love for Karachi & my curiosity, I got it anyway.

The fun begins.

This is THE book. With a fancy cover and a catchy title. Catchy for people who think if you step out in this city Karachi, some namaloom afraad will shoot you and go away. 

In short, I DID NOT like this book. I'll explain why.

It's a story about a journalist Ayesha who works in Karachi and lives with her cat & her dad who loves the cat more than her. She has a crappy boss, a job that might kill her and she drinks a lot of beer. There. Is. So. Much. Booze. As Ayesha writes about her bad days, rallies coverage. breaks up, booze, smoking, she keeps writing her diary and BAM you're on the last page. The writer forgot to put "story" in this book. There is more booze in the book than the actual story. The end is pretty much Bollywoodified which no wonder was ~expected~. A typical happy ending, finding true love on the airport and then the book ends. Well, this book is more like someone's personal life has been leaked in the most hideous way. 

 The way our protagonist Ayesha is presented, it's making me uncomfortable:

-Firstly, Ayesha has been living in Karachi for all of her life but her behavior and words make you feel like she's new to Karachi and you're listening to a person who recently shifted there from a foreign country. Most likely from USA. 

-Ayesha's drinking habits and alcohol consumption is unreal. Alcohol is prohibited in Pakistan and I wish the writer had remembered that. I understand the writer is from journalism field and she's seen & been through stuff that a common person like me hasn't experienced before but still the reader feels 0% realness to the character's behavior.

-The parties, booze, wordings, they reflect only 2% population of the city. SO if you've grabbed this book to judge the Karachiites and the city, PUT IT DOWN.

-The way Ayesha's father behaves is out of my senses. That's not how parents behave. I told you the characters behaves like I-AM-NOT-PAKISTANI-HMM-MAYBE-AMERICAN-OR-IDK.

-Ayesha, her name makes you realize she's a Muslim. Her love for booze & her relationships totally drove me crazy. THIS. IS.NOT. PEOPLE. LIVE. HERE. As this book is famous on international level, going best-seller, I HAD to mention this here. 

I am afraid people from all around the world will read this book and create an image of Karachi based on this book which is totally wrong. The story might relate to the ELITE-ELITE-ELITE class of the city that makes like 2% of the city but not to the rest of the population and people like me.

In my opinion, the whole purpose of this book is to get controversial in ANYWAY. The amount of swearing & inappropriate wordings is way too much. You can find 10 F words in one single chapter, or maybe I'm wrong, EVEN MORE THAN THAT.

As I said, there is no story. Just some F words, booze, bad news and it's done. If you're interested in reading a few months diary entry of an unknown journalist who has a crappy life, go ahead.

I guess it's finally the time when the writers and filmmakers in Pakistan think of another way of getting attention from international audiences other than writing & promoting awful stuff about the cities they've been living in their whole lives and keep mentioning how depressing it is here.

I have a blog, so many people are reading it from various parts of the world and I'd always prefer writing the stuff that'd do NO HARM to my city or country's dignity. I think it's ENOUGH after many films who made records just because they showed how VIOLENT people here are. 

I'd rate it 1/5. Don't touch this book. I wish the writer hadn't put Karachi in this book's title.

Have you read this book?


  1. Oh no this is such a shame and I am so glad you wrote the post, I won't be reading it for sure. I always want to get a feel and a flavour for where you live but would rather hear it from you than some fame hungry book that just wants to shock rather than actually write a good story, sounds appalling xxx

  2. You're totally right about the writers and their same plots,opening about how things are getting worse in the country. We better find some authors who'd write better things about the land they belong to.

  3. I know how you feel. Having lived in Florida most of my life, I've heard it all! "Nothing but old people live in Florida!" Or, there's nothing to do in Florida. Whilst, there are elder people in Florida, it's not completely over run by the older generation, we do have quite a few! And there is plenty to do in Florida! I hate how people have missconseptions about a certain place! Especially if they've never been! Great review!

  4. A book about your city? That's so cool! Wish we have witty books like that about my city.

  5. Love your candid-ness. I cant lie, as an avid reader of books from all hemispheres (I even did an indian literature course in school) Im tempted to read this. Don't worry I won't buy into the hype. People write crap about the Caribbean all the time so I know not all thats written is truth.


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