15 May 2015

If my tweets were motivational quotes

I'm typing this post for the love of Buzzfeed that's in my heart. Basically, Buzzfeed is my best friend. After that I have spent hours of my life on it, we have an attachment. And if you don't know what this it is, it's an AHMAZING website compiled of viral articles, news, celebs, errything oh and cool quizzes that make you feel better about life. One of their feature is to turn famous people tweets into motivational quotes. I'm famous in my head so I'll just do it here on blog!

Plus, I got a writing tablet weeks ago so I was just trying to have a little fun. And this post happened. With twitter having a noble place deep inside my heart just because ranting, chatting, bursting out my emotions and feelings in 40 characters never looked possible before, Buzzfeed being a part of my life & a tablet that does wonders: Here's a blog post!

Presenting, "If my tweets were motivational tweets", with illustration (errr I call it illustration)

Translation: Now go back to books Areeba.

Translation: *Beta means my kid in Urdu language.

And I'm @areebasiddique on twitter if you want more inspiring tweets.

What are your favorite tweets that you tweeted?


  1. I love Buzzfeed too! Both on Youtube and their site, I can just be there reading articles and watching videos all day! Haha, your tweets are hilarious

  2. Omg I love buzzfeed I am always doing quizzes on there, I love these quotes you've done too I wanna share them! Especially wish I could mute people in real life ah my gawd haha xxx

  3. Jokes aside, I do wish I could mute people! That has to be on a dollar bill! Love it! Love Buzzfeed!

  4. THE LAST ONE! Omg I wish someone would say that to me and I could go to Hogwarts.

  5. these are so funny! i wish i had funny/witty tweets like you! i am so boring lately haha but anyways, I'm with you and wish I could mute people ;P



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