8 May 2015

All the people that you are going to love or errr delete

This book came in mail last week and after almost losing it, I finally got it. This book is written by Erin Hanson, my most favorite poetess on the planet. Her words are BEAUTIFUL and I said it in caps so I mean it. The basic reason that I am in LOVE with her words is that she rhymes all of my unspoken thoughts and stories in her poems so she's my spirit animal. And I have a deep attachment with this book even before reading it fully so it's going to be labelled DON'T TOUCH WITHOUT PERMISSION for a short period of time.

Basically, I loved her poem "What if you fly?" even before I knew Erin. I have this little print of it on my wall, too. So this book must feel home now.

Poetry gives me power to bring out my feelings. Being a person who tries to let out her feelings in words, I tried to know & upgrade myself through the people I love and admire and follow. Everyone whoever inspired me once in a life is a part of me.

 Like Erin, her words made me write poems again. Little did I know that it never been just the people whom I loved who inspired me, there also were people whom I DISLIKE ENOUGH TO HATE that molded me into a better person than I used to be.

A person who cannot be named here taught me how to be a gentle monster. And a dear friend taught me a whole lot about how to live better with things and people you don't like. People give better lessons than the textbook we carry along for years.

I never liked the idea of surrounded by many people before, talking to me on topics I don't want to talk about. I have a small tendency of liking people. But things change, we grow and realize wait, there's something wrong and we should this and that to live a better life than we already have. So I started seeing the human beings related to me in ANYWAY from another point of view. I prefer keeping every type of people in my life. From OH-MY-I-LOVE-YOU to UGH-I-HATE-THIS-HUMAN-BEING. Some people are good memories, some are good lessons. There's a fine line in between them. Every person I've hated or loved or tried to delete from my life taught me a thing or two or a WHOLE NEW PATTERN TO LEAD MY LIFE ON.

A person isn't just a single human being walking around for nothing. A person is a story, a lesson, tangled in memories, maybe a hero or a beast.You never know. Sometimes I just sit silently and watch people, judging them silently in my mind and when I say judge, don't take it THAT way, I am a nice human being. I just like reading people, they say a lot by their actions and the way they tell their stories. The way they treat me or others. A person says a lot just by their jokes. I don't like when people take jokes seriously enough to pick a fight. They're my least favorite kind of people.

It's just that all of the people that are going to come in your life, all of the people you're going to love, all of the people who will make us wish you could delete them or the type of human being you wish you can be like them will give you something to keep. Inspiration, a good memory, tears, stories to write about, things to whisper. People matter more than I think they should. They just do, that's how nature weaved us together.

Even though I still don't miss the chances of being all alone, curled up on my bed and read a book or a blog or just surf buzzfeed but now, I like people around me or just inside  my head.They help me think better. Viewing life from their point of view for a little while and appreciating or pitying the way they lead their lives. And they unintentionally give me something to wonder or write about.

Crap, I have exams. Better wish me luck.

Till next time.

PS: Yes that's a handwritten signature. Did you just notice my whole new blog design? The header is handwritten too. Just carrying on experiments with my writing tablet. You better watch out for more handwritten creativity.


  1. I totally love what she writes . AMAZING!!!
    Love the design <3

  2. This is so true people of all types teach us everything, the people I have had my worst experiences from the most! Hope you are keeping well flower xxx

  3. Areeba, I have always thought highly of you and Noor. You girls are going to go far in life! I love your attitude! I never gave it that much thought of the before as far as "negative" people giving you life lessons!(you know who I mean:)I too am a people watcher. I love just sitting back and watching their actions. Actions really do speak louder than words. You are an inspiration. Love ya girl!


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