13 April 2015

Useless Updates #7

Welcome to th week of Useless Updates. It's the time of the week when my head doesn't function well enough to create glorious posts so instead I just put my life on internet. Here we go!

-I am so very guilty of not posting useless updates last week. I was in Thatta and the worst thing about that city is that THEIR INTERNET SUCKS [THE LETTERS IN CAPS DEFINE IT ALL]

-I have a prelim exam this Wednesday and I am having mixed feelings about it. Logic is one of my most FAAAVEE subjects in the whole planet and I don't want to let my own self down but on the other, I don't want to study. If only life was easy to live.



Because she tweeted days ago that she spilled glitter all over her floor and that's the best mistake she ever made. And I broke my beautiful galaxy bulb last night and there was glitter on my floor so I realized ERIN IS MY SPIRIT ANIMAL SHE IS BEAUTIFUL!

-Today was last day of college. I don't have any special feelings. Nobody cried. Nobody hugged. Maybe it's normal or maybe there's something wrong with us. I ate a small pizza, my friend gave me fries. We'll stick together all college years.
That's my gracious college.

-Karachi's weather is being so HOT that it might kill someone. We're people here, not chicken to be roasted dear mother nature. Karachi ki garmi, please thori narmi.

-If I die this week, the cause would be sad Urdu poetry. 

That's all from this week. What are YOUR useless updates from life?

Do you have some useless updates to put on your blog? Let's join me. There are just a few rules to follow.
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-Psst, have fun.
Useless Updates


  1. Haha good luck with your exams sweet I'm sure you'll be fine in sha Allah xx

    Aleena x

  2. Good luck with your exams hun that's if you aren't roasted on a BBQ from the sun ;) I WILL EMAIL PROMISE! You need to email me your address so I can start sending you things <3 ly xx

  3. good luck with you exams sister :)

  4. Where I live, It's pretty hot to! #caribbean! & I also feel like not studying but at the same time I really want to pass! Re- doing this class will suck! So it's a challenge!
    Jade x

  5. OK...I keep forgetting to come and join this linky, and I really want to! I have to remember that it's on Mondays.


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