2 April 2015

Review: BornPretty Jewellery Pieces

Pretty and catchy jewellery is kind of my obsession. Not the typical stoned and heavy jewellery but the light and different jewellery pieces that I can wear on casual outfits and they won't bother me much. I have like SO MANY jewellery in my jewellery pouch (I keep a pouch for jewellery because boxes are overrated) and I am always looking for more. So when BornPrettyStore guys asked me to review their pieces again, I was like LET'S DO IT!

If you don't know BornPrettyStore, it's an online shop where you can find errything that a fashionista needs in a very affoardable price that you won't believe. And plus points that they do FREE SHIPPING!  

 I got three pieces. The very typical division of necklace, ring and bracelet so that it's a complete package for me. 

I chose this necklace because arrows are one of my favorite things. If I can explain this, it's like a symbol for me to move forward, make progress and do something remarkable and inspire people. That's why I like chevrons, bows & arrows and triangles so much. 
My Thoughts: I like its texture, it's pretty smooth and shiny. I just wish its chain was a little longer. It's perfect for collared shirts. 

Leaf shaped & loop mid-finger rings
 Its basically a two-pieces ring. I have a new place in my heart for knuckle rings and this is a part of it. One ring is made of leaves pattern and the other one is like so many rings stuck with each other. This is the fun part. It looks so funky!
My Thoughts: It's one of my favorite rings now I AM GOING TO WEAR IT EVERYTIME I GO OUT!

I got this star one this time. When I reviewed their jewellery last time on blog, I got this moon one. This piece is actually a pair of two bracelets but you gotta buy them separately. I got the moon one first but I WANTED the star too because I am so into moons and stars and planets and this bracelet seems perfect for a person like me who writes poetry about stars.

 So this time, I got the star and now this pair is completed. 
My Thoughts: The material is very good. They're a little larger for my hands so I have to lock them on the very end of the bracelet's chain so that they won't slip out of my hands. 

If you want to go and grab something from BornPrettyStore, make sure to use code ARE10K31 to get 10% off! Happy shopping people of blogland!

Do you have any favorite jewellery piece?


  1. This jewellery is so pretty! I really like that chevron one :)

    Neeny x


  2. Love the moon and star bracelets!


  3. Pretty pieces, love the ring!

    Zahra | www.theluxeedition.com

  4. I love all the pieces! But the star and moon, I love the best!

  5. I love their jewelry pieces too!!! <3

    Lime & Life

  6. These delicate pieces are so much IN trend lately,I also love day light images .You look so pretty MAllah.

  7. It looks so pretty!
    You have a great blog and your pictures are really nice, good job!
    From: www.sofreshsokeen.net

  8. very cute jewellery pieces! BornPretty has some good stuff.

  9. I really like the moon bracelet and the leaf ring! :)

  10. Wow SO stunning! I love all of these pieces!

  11. Love the dainty rings! Im a sucker for a cute ring!

  12. I love the midi ring! Looking gorgeous as ever in your pictures my lovely xx

  13. Whoop whoop! I love that necklace and the midi rings! They look so classy! :) x

    Jadirah Sarmad | Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ


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