8 April 2015

Lost in the sea

Sea is one of my most favorite places on planet and this whole post is related to water and waves and sea. I grew up in Karachi, the city of lights and sea waves and I've always adored each and everything that's about sea and it's hidden magic I've no idea about but I just know one thing: sea carries magic in each and every wave and there are secrets about it we don't know. I have a deep attachment with water and waves, I wish I was a swimmer, I could have turned into a mermaid.

I've always tried to write stories and fictions about sea but I am never really satisfied with what I write about this graceful thing, I feel like it's not enough, my words aren't enough for it. Sea is big, deep, mysterious, beautiful, something I want to wonder about even more. I think about mermaids and stories hiding under sea and treasures nobody is able to find out about. The sea waves call my name.

Once an astrologist told me that my nature is of Water, the one from 4 (or err 5?) natural elements. (It's a proof that I am almost a mermaid. Ella, watch out, I might grow a tail soon) He told me that I am always flowing with emotions and I need to get control of it, water can only get into shape when it turns into ice, solid as ice Areeba would be better than flowing into the river of emotions or flying as gas molecules in air, feeling homeless. 

These photographs were taken a week ago on a trip to Harjeena, near Thatta. That's such a beautiful place. And I got a writing tablet so the handwriting on the first photograph is my new creation. Be ready for more.

And with my poetic skills, I've written like dozens of poems on my emotional attachment with the graceful sea, This one is my most favorite sea related poem, this was basically written for Noor for being the best twin anyone can ever have, 

What's your natural element?


  1. I looooove your blog. Just found it today after seeing this post on the HCBN facebook page! Is there an app you use to make that font in your first picture?

  2. I'm an Aquarius and water is my natural element! I don't really know if it always go hand in hand but yeah :))

    Follow my adventures!

  3. Can't wait to see more of your writing tablet creativity! Love that photo of you with bhutta and flower crown!! <3 I have a friend who always uses sea in her poetry and she makes it sound so so beautiful and magical! ^_^ xx

    Jadirah Sarmad | Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  4. Hey girl! Love those sun glasses! And your flowers! So pretty! Wonderful pictures!

  5. Love the poem! I know an app where you can make typewritten post like those in your phone. It's called The Amazing Typewriter

  6. That is really nice. It gets hard sometimes explaining something you really like. At that point it's like words aren't enough to describe something that beautiful.
    Lovely poem!

    -Kathie K


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