17 April 2015

Houses of Karachi - Enchanted

The weather here in Karachi is so rude right now that it might hurt someone. Sun is the brightest that the sunshine are no less than laser lights that destroy cities and the wind is hot as if coming out of a hair dryer. And I went out to take some photographs of a house I spotted days ago in my area. It was covered in plants and I thought, I'M GONNA BLOG ABOUT IT!

Firstly, I have no idea who owns this house but it looks great. So dear person who owns this house, if you're reading this you have done a great job. It looks enchanted. And blogable.

Out in the middle of the summer's hot point with a camera is my kind of wandering. But I really don't do it much, at least in Karachi. Whenever I am out of Karachi, in Thatta, I'm always out with camera or ipod to take pictures of bushes and roads and kids for no reason. It's a way of living this life haha. 

So back to this house, it's maroon coloured, lots of plants and it looks beautiful.

Found this at the back of another house. 

When I saw this, it reminded me of a poem by Farhat Abbas Shah, mainly because of my MOST favorite lines:

ہمیں جنگل جنگل بهٹکا دو،
ہمیں سولی سولی لٹکا دو.

*These lines means that a person wants to be lost in a forest by her lover and she wants to be hung by her lover. 

The whole poem Mera sham salona shah piya is one of the best poem I've ever come across. Better poetry than in my Urdu text book. Why textbooks always have to be so hard on us? They could be friendly.

And then this is the house located on the back of my home sweet home. People say it's haunted. Maybe because nobody has lived here for years. Dudes, I live in front of a haunted house and the ghosts are so nice that they never showed up at our door. I hope they never.

Till next time.


  1. Those are some really beautiful pictures!
    Oooo *Spooky Voice*. Haunted houses are one hell of a something.

    -Kathie K
    A Sea Change

  2. I really like all these photos! If the house is haunted, at least they are friendly ghosts that don't show up. =0)

    BTW, I love the work you did for La Vie En May!!!

    Hope you have a great weekend,

  3. I love this idea,which area in Karachi is it? just curious:-)

  4. That is such a beautiful house but you've scared me about the ghosts part hahaha it's actually one of my irrational fears! xx

  5. i absolutely love your photos, it looks so lovely!

    danielle | avec danielle

  6. Such a beautiful house! Love the outside trim.

  7. Stunning photos and writing! I wish I lived by a haunted house, I'd go ghost hunting all the time hehe.


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