4 April 2015

DIY: Temporary Tattoo

Finally I'm typing down another diy post on blog today and this time it's the coolest diy project I've ever done. TEMPORARY TATTOOS HOW AWESOME. So in attempt to go all pinteresty, here comes a little guide to print a beautiful little tattoo on your skin for a short time.

 And before we start, look at this tiny little guy shining on my skin. (The weird looking marks on my hand are from 2 years ago, I burned my hands and these scars won't go away)

 The three magical products you'd need are an eyeliner, some talcum powder and a hairspray. 

Step 1 - Draw whatever you want. It could be anything, it's your tattoo after all. 
Step 2 - Apply some talcum powder on it.
Step 3 - Add some hair spray. It'll secure the tattoo.

TA DA! You finally have a tattoo.

Just remember one thing, don't rub it. Water won't do any harm, I even did the dishes. I've been wearing mine for 2 days now. 

I got three tats in total. Two of them are triangles, based on my theory of triangles. They motivate me to keep moving no matter if I'm stuck in 3 am thoughts or the world gets shit. Move on move on move on. The 3 edges of a triangle means move on x3.

This is the sign of equality. It's here on my skin because I BELIEVE in equality. In short, I'm a feminist. Spread love, eat doughnuts, make art, be a feminist, take pictures of the beautiful sky and don't make people's lives hell.

What's the coolest diy you've ever done?


  1. Totally perfect for festival season!!
    Thanks a ton for the awesome tutorial.

  2. This is awesome. Definitely need to give this a go in the summer

    Reinventing Neesha ❤️

  3. Love it! I saved the post for later!

  4. Love it! I saved the post for later!

  5. What a great idea, they look so good on you :)

    Neeny x


  6. Looks really cool! What a great & fun idea!

  7. I've always wondered how to do this! :) looking forward to trying it on myself :)

  8. You are so clever I will definitely be using this in Summer now THANK YOU xxx

  9. Hey Dear,
    I really like your Blog! Interesting Posts. Do you want to support each other and follow via GFC and Bloglovin? That would be so cool :)

    Greetings, Sophia

  10. This tutorial is great! Who knew that temporary tattoos can be DIYed. I'm going to try this out this weekend. Thanks for sharing!


  11. I LOVE this post,that one on your feet looks so chic.

  12. Cool diy! And I love the meanings of your tattoos :)

  13. This seems so fun! I may have to try it out (: xx

  14. I am so doing this!!! OMG! Thanks for sharing, I can finally do reliable tattoos at home! :') x

    Jadirah Sarmad | Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  15. Cute idea. And you are such a pretty girl Aree..!

  16. SO cool!!! Never heard of this!
    Jade x


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