30 March 2015

Useless Updates #6

Welcome to Useless Updates. It's a link up about useless little updates from life. It happens every Monday because it's the time of the week when my head doesn't function much on sensitive topics to blog about so I rather putting my life on internet.

-This song Jugni by Arif Lohar is stuck in my head and this is becoming a serious problem now.

-I just feel like this selfie makes me look like toothless from How To Train your Dragon.

-Zine sneak peek. I'm working on a few zines and some of them might get printed, I am a sucker of words. Words are important fyi. And when some words and sentences don't make sense, they ACTUALLY make sense. You just have to have the courage to write them down and make them mean something to you.

-Unmatched, unwanted, un-non-nah-Pinteresty arm candy. I wore this to my nanna's and my people love me and they loved these pieces and they didn't talk to me about my sense of dressing up and this makes me love them. These silver bangles once belonged to my amma and now they're mine.

-If you follow me on Instagram, you know I am a big fan of my hands and I like to instagram them more than I should. And Handstagramer guys loved my hand too that they featured it. This is true love. So guys, that's my hand in Handstagramer's feed, shining brightly and proud. 

-And I've no regrets tweeting at (almost) 3 am.

That's all from this week. What are YOUR useless updates from life?

Do you have some useless updates to put on your blog? Let's join me. There are just a few rules to follow.
-Make a Useless Updates post. All other irrelevant posts will be deleted.
-Follow your host aka me.
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-Psst, have fun.
Useless Updates


  1. I just realized that I forgot to link up my Updates post a couple of weeks ago. Now I need to work on another so I can link it up this week!

  2. I love this wolf sketch that you made x

  3. You do not look like toothless in that pic haha although toothless is the cutest dragon there ever was isn't he?

  4. I love your arrow bangle! I just read a book where the hero gives his girl a bangle with an arrow, and this is exactly how I imagined it!

  5. I love the kinds of things that come in to my head at 3am! I'm just glad I don't function well enough at such a stupid time to be able to tweet them; Oh the things I would say aha! x

    Christie's Take on Life

  6. Your arm candy is love honey:-)


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