16 March 2015

Useless Updates #4

It's the time of the week when I post useless updates from life on blog because I like putting my life on Internet. So here we go:

-Look at my glorious infused water (Strawberry + mint) while I try my best to be Pinteresty here. It tasted refreshing but a little funny because of mint. This has nothing to do with getting healthy and doing all fitness-fellows stuff and lose my precious fats, it's just because of  Pinterest (this bad boy make me do things like that) and my friend Sehar.

-I FOUND THIS ON TUMBLR AND I AM CRYING WITH RELIEF. Look at me, 17 years old BIG GIRL who needs to do big stuff like take responsibilities, try not to suck at life, save the world and find her lost Hogwards letter. But first, I'll just relax because I'm eventually going to figure something out for my life.

-I'm taking a moment of silence to announce a terrible news that DEREK ISN'T COMING BACK IN SEASON 5 OF TEEN WOLF. HOW DARE YOU PLAYING WITH MY FRAGILE EMOTIONS IT'S A CRIME. Teen Wolf guys announced that season 5 will be less-Derek show, he won't be regular. It's horrible horrible horrible news but at least they're not killing him and throwing him away, that's almost a relief. 

-Did you all see this? Justin Bieber parodied his own Calvin Klein ad for his upcoming Comedy Central's Roast session. And it's CREEPY AF. I took some screen shots of the most awkward moments. Boy ya cray.

-It's 2015 and I'm making progress in games. Look at what yours truly jut achieved, level 127!! I've NEVER stuck around in any game this long so I'm definitely not disappointing myself. This game Soda Crush is pain in life because
-I'm having competition with friends on who'll finish that that level first or who gets the full 3 stars, BABE IT'S A WAR.
-I spent 2 hours on it and I am not finding myself guilty, nice.

That is all. What are your useless updates from life?

Do you have some useless updates to put on your blog? Let's join me. There are just a few rules to follow.
-Make a Useless Updates post. All other irrelevant posts will be deleted.
-Follow your host aka me.
-Grab the button or link back in your post.
-Psst, have fun.

Useless Updates


  1. OMG I HATE WHEN JUSTIN DOES STUFF LIKE THAT. Wait what, do I even like him in general? well no!
    I can't imagine teen wolf without Derek. CMONNN!!!

  2. You're only 17! You're still a kid and you've got PLENTY of time to figure things out. I'm 26 and just starting to figure out what I want to do... :)


  3. I LOVE that your share your life on the internet so I can read it haha, I need to get soda crush as I was addicted to candy crush before, and I always wondered how those fruit infused water things turned out....pinterest makes everything seem prettier than it is right?! xxx

  4. I'm not a huge fan of mint. I would just skip the mint if I made it on my own.
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  5. Oh My! Teen wolf!! I can't wait for this show to come back. I'll miss Derek, but hey Mister Stilinski is also bae :) I did my first useless update, hope it's not to late tho


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