26 March 2015

Sad things like Zayn Malik leaving One Direction

If you haven't noticed #AlwaysInOurHeartsZaynMalik & #ZaynWillAlwaysBeAPartOf1D bombarding all over Twitter, let me give you a scoop that Zayn Malik is leaving One Direction officially. The SADDEST feeling I'm having right now about it is that I bought this 1D poster (actually got it free with M magazine) of all 5 boys together and I haven't put it on my wall yet and now they're breaking up and screwing up my poster. Wow, luck.
 And there are so many posts on Internet about One Direction that are nearly giving me #1Dfeels, One Direction fans are more creative than you imagine. They come up with so emotional stuff that you'd forget you're not into their fandom but still be sad over the fact that Zayn's leaving the band. 

Apparently Zayn wants a normal life, he wants to live like a normal 22 years old guy. 

Well everything aside, I'm really glad he took this step finally and decided to live a life he really wants now. I guess he finally have earned much money to live a luxurious life or start a business maybe or travel around the world or do whatever he wants to do. Being a celebrity isn't a light job dudes, people are ALWAYS watching you. Each and every frigging move. It might look all glossy and shiny and bright but isn't it creepy that the whole world wants every little detail about you, what you like what you don't, how many times you breath in one single day, what cartoon you liked when you were 3 etc etc the list goes a long way. I think it's time for Justin Bieber to take a little step back, too.

If you're sad about him leaving, there's this article about 10 Things Zayn Malik Can Finally Do Now That He's Not A Part Of A Successful Boy Band! to make you feel better. If he's happy, the fandom's happy. That's how fangirling works, sometimes.

And if you want to be even more sadder than you already are, there are rumors that Harry Styles might be the next person to leave, screwing up the band and start his own career as a solo artist. Perez Hilton told me.

Another sad thing happened that we finally survived the #BigAreveal in Pretty Little Liars which wasn't a reveal at all. Charles is A and funny thing that we don't know WHO THE EFF CHARLES IS. According to the show, Charles is Json's twin, Spencer & Ali's half borther, the psycho bitch A and still we don't know who A is in real. 

People are sad about it.

-It might have been Andrew but he's still in high school with girls and Jason is 7 years older than the girls.
-Wren could be Charles too but it's awkward to think about it as he's been engaged to Melissa Hastings and had an affair with Spencer Hastings, so it seems more appropriate than I imagine it should.

That's all sad-sad-sad I have to say. 

What are the sad things happening all around the world expect of Zayn's leaving and PLL fans crying over finding about A and still having a no clue about him? Enlighten me.


  1. only God Allah knows best what his intentions are :) May God Allah guide him to His Love and Mercy. Ameen.

    is Zain Malik a Pakistani Muslim by the way? Wasalaam from the Philippines :)


  2. I was so frustrated by that episode yesterday, like really I was expecting Andrew to be A perhaps because he's been quite suspicious but nooo we have to wait for season 6 to find out the hell Charles is.. !

  3. He's probably got enough money to just live his days out now to be honest hahah, I am not sure I could cope with the way the media are though at all to be honest! I don't watch PLL :( xxx

  4. I was really surprised to hear that about Zayn. I mean he's still so young to quit the music industry. I don't think he'd ever get to live a normal life after being famous.. But I get that the business is so too overwhelming and stuff

  5. I was rather shocked my Zayn Malik's decision. May be it's good or may be it's bad, who knows?
    Noor's Place

  6. Im not the biggest OD fan but this really shocked me. Hope the band can survive without a member. We shall see shan't we.


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