8 March 2015


Since it's weekend that means it's the glorious time of doing the iGraphy thing run by a girl who looks exactly like me aka Noor. I've collected some ooh-lalala pictures to put on blog this time. And when I say ooh-lalala, I really do mean it.
I got a black board. YAY. Now I can make my life a little Pinteresty and take pretty photographs for no reason. And if you look closely, I got a new nail color too. It's icy blue,

The life of a blogger. I am not a make-a-list-and-do-the-work person but look I'm clearly trying to. Since the college started, my memory is hurt enough to forget little details so these things might help.

"May Your eyeliner give you wings", my daily inspiration fountain. I turned out to a be really good at this eyeliner thing. 

I took this photo a while ago. We were standing out of Supreme Court Of Pakistan and when I took a photo of this sign, the security guards told me to go away, how polite. But I luckily got this one picture of this place so this was definitely coming to blog.

 We went to my daadi's house for dinner last night and this sisterly selfie was essential. I am the prettiest in twin, fyi.

I wore these.

Oh and there was some bling bling for my feet.

And I wore my galaxy themed rings. 

It's a reminder: We All Are Made OF Stardust.

And I took this selfie days ago and it wasn't supposed to go on internet but I added black and white effect and it was SOMETHING ELSE. When you add black and white effect in your pictures, they surprise you. I look like I just came back from a photoshoot but basically I wanted to show off my new shades,

That's for all now! How's your weekend going on?
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  1. Love your photos and you girls look lovely :)
    That is such a cute quote!

    Neeny x


  2. Lovely rings you have there.

    Follow my adventures!

  3. I love those rings! Very lovely photos.

  4. you twin sisters look so cute mashaAllah :) have you ever thought of the day you both get married will you have a double wedding or which one of you will go first inshaAllah? :) Allah knows best. also, have you ever considered wearing the hijaab when going outside? I mean, amongst non-mahrams a Muslimah should wear the hijaab :) if a woman's amongst her mahrams and female friends then she can show her hair inshaAllah while she should maintain the hijaab in the presence of non-related men :)

    wasalaam :)

  5. I love theast photo! :) I love black and white too. And how rude for that guard to tell you to go away.

  6. I love the photos! Yay for getting a chalk board!

  7. Aww that photo of you and Noor is so so cute. Like it's-melting-my-heart cute. <3 'N your moon necklace. So so pretty that one is. ^.^

  8. OMG I LOVE YOUR EYELINER!!!! So gorgeous! And I love love the photo of your sandals, so pretty. And good job getting that picture of the Supreme Court ;]


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