23 March 2015

Dayar e Dil review + Useless Updates

Welcome to the weekly Useless Updates link up where I share lttle updates from my life because I like putting my life on Internet. 

Before I get start on useless updates, I've a little review to share. If you ever wonder about my obsessions with dramas and stories, I'll tell you something today. If I like a drama or its plot, I go gaga over it. That's why there are Teen Wolf quotes on my wall. So all of my friends were talking about this new drama Dayar e Dil and how good it is, so I thought of giving it a go as it's just one episode that they aired. AND I MADE A FRIGGING AWESOME DECISION. 

Basically the drama is based on a novel by Farhat Ishtiaq (who writes awesomeness) and Hum tv is airing it. I watched first episode and good lord I loved it. Cast is my MOST favorite part, Sanam Saeed is my favorite human in drama industry and she's in the show. And I was telling you that I'm obsessive so I couldn't wait and I found the novel AND READ IT AND CRIED MY EYES OUT. Now my friends better not mess with me or I'll reveal the plot, boo yeah!

The story is touchy and intense. Totally a family issue based but still very interesting. I won't open the plot here but the best character I think is Sohaib Bakhtiar Khan, the younger son of Bakhtiar Khan. And further his son Wali Sohaib Khan is LOVE. 

Osman Khalid Butt is going to play Wali's role and I read whole novel imagining Osman as Wali.  

Maya Ali will play Fara's role. Fara is Behroz's daughter, Behroz is the older son of Bakhtiyar Khan. And I think Maya fits it perfectly because I've seen her previous work and the stubborn and emotional Fara's character will be well portrayed by Maya.

Wali is like the best character in further story and I can't stop fangirling. He's composed, proud,  strong, tough, a good guy who cares about his family. While Fara is furious, also proud, inexperienced about life and haunted by the past. Their couple is going to be new Zaroon and Kashaf for me because I'm fangirling on a Pakistani drama after a long time since Zindagi Gulzar Hay ended.

I can't wait to watch more episodes and judge the novel's story with drama's plot and dialogs. I hope they carry the story well.
PS: Osman is my celeb crush fyi. Plus points, HE LOOKS LIKE ORLANDO BLOOM.

Now back to useless updates.
-I've had 5 days off from college so I went to stay with my aunt. She's that kind of aunt everyone wants, cool and do-what-ever-you-wanna-do kinda aunt and she makes me feel like a queen and smiles at me for no reason so this weekend has been a blast for me.

-I can't stop doodling. I literally can't stop and everyone's been asking me if I'm working on a project but it's just I'm putting my thoughts into different patterns and they're making me feel super light.

-A blogger fellow Jasey does Blogger's hug every weekend with a topic. This week's topic is SHE. I might be late to the party but here's my entry.
I wrote this poem for an amazing girl Lauralee and we're best friends on snapchat and she sings very well.
She grew beautiful thoughts in her mind, 
And wrapped them all around her head, 
So that nobody would notice the scars on her veins, 
And get to know that she is sad,
But if you love her enough to open the doors of her heart, 
It will sing the whole story to you,
And you will soon realize that, 
Her scars are beautiful too.


-People, tomorrow is the day when biggest A reveal is going to happen. Every Pretty Little Liars fan, be ready. And I'm going to post my A theory soon.

That's all from now. How was YOUR week?

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  1. OMG OMG OMG I love Sanam Saeed. I've watched only one show of hers - Zindagi Gulzaar Hai. I saw the dubbed Hindi version of the show. OHMYGOSH she is amazing. Oh well, Osman Khalid Butt does look like a splitting image of Orlando Bloom. I din't blame you, haha! :D

  2. I have no idea if my link fits the criteria but I'll give it a shot :)
    if not feel free to banish me from this post ;)

  3. Also your comment thingy is weird and creepy... Like NO I'm not a robot so stop asking!!?

  4. Love that poem, it is really beautiful! And I can't wait to watch tomorrow's PLL episode, so excited! xx

    Her Place at the Universe

  5. Aunts are cool like that! :) The guy in the photo is cute haha

  6. Your doodles are amazing! And your aunt sounds awesome can I come stay with you guys next time too? Haha

  7. I love this update!!! Thanks for sharing girl!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  8. I've been loving your doodles :D seen a few pass on my instagram feed. And omg yes the big "A" reveal! I'm downloading (omg so illegal) the episode as we speak! D: We've had to wait, what 5 seasons for this? SO EXCITED


  9. Awesome submit which has got me considering about the potential of this concept. Truly actually wonderful.
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