15 March 2015

Paper Towns: Review + Writing my own end of story

 This book, Paper Towns, written by John Green is coming out in film this July 2015 and I was so excited to read it before then so that I can comfort my soul and maybe ruin the film plot for a few who hasn't read the book. So I borrowed the book from my friend and and she told me little details about the story and we laughed on a few points and I thought I was going to love this book. Well I was wrong.

The story starts with a boy named Quentin who used to be friend with Margo, an adventurous, brave and fun loving soul, as kids. But when they're grown up and in senior year of their high school, Margo is a star while Quentin is just another nobody along with his 2 friends who spend most of their time in (or out) band room.
Everything changes when Margo sneaks into Quentin's room at midnight and goes out with him on a revenge spree from her friends + boyfriend who was cheating on her with her best friend. And they do all adventurous stuff Quentin would NEVER even imagine to do. And then the next day, Margo disappears, It's not the first time that Margo runaway or disappears. Quentin (who's obsessed with in love with Margo) finds out that she always leaves clues behind her to be found. Now Quentin, her 2 friends Ben & Radar (that kind of friends I wish I had) and Margo's friend Lacey are searching for clues and hints to find her.

It's a typical John Green fancy worded book with good quotes. The main flaw is its end. Basically, there's no end. NO FRIGGING END. I can sum up all this as: The start was like BOOM SO AWESOME & the end was like WTF JUST HAPPENED. The end according to book is: After a long long long 19 hours journey from Jefferson Park, Orlando to Agloe, New York, they finally found Margo. Quentin and Margo talked, she told him she's not coming back and she didn't mean to leave clues for him to find her out and she's going New York. Then they kissed. And God knows what was the end. The story ended here. The nearest end I thought was Q getting back to his home and she going to New York and they'd email each other and that's true love Quentin ruined his prom + graduation for.

I actually am so disappointed.

Parts I like
-During all the search for Margo, Quentin finds out her real self. He always thought of her as a precious thing, something gracious, best story teller, person who can do ANYTHING but she was also just a girl. A normal broken girl under the skin of super Margo everyone wanted to be with. That's such a sweet part.

-In the time while searching for clues, Quentin find a lot about himself. His relations with his friends, he going out out of his comfort zone, doing the things he never thought he's capable of doing. There's a whole new person after that one night adventure with Margo.

-Quentin's friends: Ben & Radar. 
Ben is hilarious. I mean to say HILARIOUS. The book is filled with fancy words, good quotes and I have to mention, BEN'S PEE. And his non-existent love life.
Radar is smart. A BIG SMART. He is constantly editing pages on a website called Omnictionary (a parody of Wikipedia) in the story and his parents owns the world's biggest collection of black santas.

Parts I don't like
-There's no proper end. I HATE THIS.

-When Quentin was searching clues, he learned that Margo was just a troubled girl. I like this part. But what was the story behind all this? It's not mentioned. There's always a background behind a character, its story, its past. There's nothing like this for Margo which is a huge turn off. And why she kept running away and settling into old creepy places, that's not very hip.

End is a BIG turn off
I'm telling you again, this book has no proper end. I wish there was a good end & Margo could come back with Q or she could tell Quentin about her past + her real personality. 

Writing my own end
I didn't like the end and I'm glad that I am not alone in this and there are a few others who also were like WTF in the end so we came up with a few ends of our own. Here are they:

Ella's Plot: "Sitting in a tree, kissing, engaged, married, kids!"
Hannah's plot: 'Margo gets a modelling gag at Asos and hits it big!'
My Plot (s): "Margo coming back, lives in his house (because her parents told that she's not welcomes to the house anymore) and fall in love with Quentin, tell him her story of past and be normal."
"Margo becoming a superstar and end up writing a book in which she'd open all about herself + her senior year and that night adventure with Quentin."

I'd rate it 2.5/5. My main idea was to rate it 2 but this +0.5 is for Ben who's my most favorite character from the book. 

Have you read Paper Towns? Or is there any book who has disappointed you to death?


  1. I totally agree that the ending isn't the most pleasing thing ever, but that didn't stop me from falling in love with Q and Margo. I guess she's just one of those people who will always remain a mystery.

  2. As a matter a fact I did read said book and I totally, positutly agree!!! The ending ruins EVERYTHING!!! I hate it when this happens!!! There's this perfect book and your all happy and excited to be reading it and then you get to the ending and it's like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

  3. Cool! I really want to read this!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  4. Have you just spilt a spoiler or what?! AREEEBAAAAAAAA haha I am still going to read this to be honest and I hate a book which is awesome start to middle but has a flop or dissappointing ending xxx

    Blonde Of Carbs

  5. LOVE the idea of coming up with your own plot! Sometimes, I have to do that, too. :)

  6. I love an honest review. Frankly when i don't like an ending i make up my own in my head also lol

  7. I thought Paper Towns was okay, My favourite John Green book is Looking for Alaska. I could read it over and over again and never get bored ;)

    -Kathie K

  8. I can understand how it might be a bit underwhelming or anti-climactic. The ending is so, so necessary for the message of the story though. The whole point of the book is to deconstruct the manic pixie dream girl trope, to show that you can't save people by being romantically interested in them and that romanticizing people ends in imagining a flat version of them that lacks the complexity that all real people have. If they had gotten together in the end Margo would have just been another prize character, the reward for the boy who passed his trials and so desperately wants her. She would have been the MPDG instead of deconstructing it The point is she is not really anything like the girl he created in his head. And his being interested in her doesn't change the fact that she feels lost and needs to get out. It would not have gone completely against her character to choose to be with him, and would have ruined the whole book. I was ecstatic to finally read a book where the boy doesn't get the girl after trying so hard. It doesn't always work that way in real life, but most fiction suggests that if you try hard enough a girl is obligated to be with you. Q's actions aren't romantic they're obsessive. I'd be creeped out I think.

    Sorry for the rant, haha. I have so many feelings about this book. Sorry it didn't work for you!

    Katie @ paperbackplanes.blogspot.com


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