29 March 2015

7 songs that turn my life into a music video in my head

There are different ways of living life for living life. Some people do sports, some write books, some cook well and I categories music into my head. There are types of song like good songs, bad songs, songs that make me cry for no reason, songs to help when I am going to destroy people who ruin my good vibes, songs that make me smile, song that turn my life into a music video (in my head). THAT'S IT.

Blank Space -Taylor Swift
Thank you Taylor for making this album 1989 and singing this song Blank Space. Whenever I listen to blank space, it feels like I'm wearing a red lipstick, singing this song loud and ticking off a list of people I am going to destroy. Its lyrics empowers me, too.

Favorite lyrics:
"But you'll come back, each time you leave
Cause darling I am a nightmare dressed like a daydream."

A Sky Full Of Stars - Coldplay
Whenever I listen this song, my heart explodes with a feeling of both wanderlust + stargazing. In my mind, I am dancing under a wide sky full of stars and I am camping and there's bonfire and people are laughing and the sky is so beautiful that we all can't stop staring at it. In short, this song makes life perfect for 3 short minutes.
"Cause in a sky full of stars I think I saw you"

Jugni - Arif Lohar
This song was first recorded by Coke Studio and me and my WHOLE family was obsessed with this song. A few years ago, its another version came out in Cocktail movie by the same singer Arif Lohar and it's DA BOMB DOT COM! In my head, I'm running to save a person I love and there are so many troubles and it feels like a battlefield. There's intensity, courage, passion and power in my mind and heavy feels!
"Jugni sochan de vich khoyi,
 Dhoondhe kise de vich oh koi"

Translation: The spirit being is lost in thinking, she looks for someone in someone else.

Team - Lorde
Lorde is the queen fyi. Team is basically another song that empowers me. Whenever this song is playing, I feel like I have a squad and we're on a mission. We fight, we shoot our enemies, we save our dignity, it's totally a battlefield in my mind. I'm leading my squad and we're the heroes and in the end, WE WIN and people bow down to us .

"I'm kind of over getting told to throw my hands up in the air,
 So there,
I'm kinda older than I was when I revelled without a care"

Somebody To You - The Vamps
This song totally makes me want to go on a beach trip in a convertible cadillac. But actually there's no beach stuff in this song. Still, I feel like I am on a beach trip with a bunch of people I like and we're singing in a chorus and there's cold breeze and my hair are dancing better than I ever will.

"I used to ride around,
 I didn't wanna settle down,
 But now I wake each day,
 Looking for a way that I can see your face"

Steal My Girl - One Direction
One of the songs I can't believe One Direction boys sang. In my mind, it looks like I'm wearing a pretty dress that sparks and there's a party going on and there are cute people and shiny faces and happiness.
"Her mom calls me love,
 Her dad calls me son"

What are the songs that turn YOUR life into a music video?


  1. I seriously have songs like this too! Anything Beyonce usually has me mouthing the words and strutting down the street haha

  2. Yesss TSwift and Lorde and One Direction songs all do this to me!

  3. Definitely Counting Stars by OneRepublic! I also love Coldplay, too. :)

    Alayna | thegirlwhodoeseverything.net

  4. I really like Blank Space by T-Swift!

  5. I like the song I Knew This Would Be Love bt Imaginary Future. I can really relate to it and I think about meeting my love soon :)


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