30 March 2015

Useless Updates #6

Welcome to Useless Updates. It's a link up about useless little updates from life. It happens every Monday because it's the time of the week when my head doesn't function much on sensitive topics to blog about so I rather putting my life on internet.

-This song Jugni by Arif Lohar is stuck in my head and this is becoming a serious problem now.

-I just feel like this selfie makes me look like toothless from How To Train your Dragon.

-Zine sneak peek. I'm working on a few zines and some of them might get printed, I am a sucker of words. Words are important fyi. And when some words and sentences don't make sense, they ACTUALLY make sense. You just have to have the courage to write them down and make them mean something to you.

-Unmatched, unwanted, un-non-nah-Pinteresty arm candy. I wore this to my nanna's and my people love me and they loved these pieces and they didn't talk to me about my sense of dressing up and this makes me love them. These silver bangles once belonged to my amma and now they're mine.

-If you follow me on Instagram, you know I am a big fan of my hands and I like to instagram them more than I should. And Handstagramer guys loved my hand too that they featured it. This is true love. So guys, that's my hand in Handstagramer's feed, shining brightly and proud. 

-And I've no regrets tweeting at (almost) 3 am.

That's all from this week. What are YOUR useless updates from life?

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Useless Updates

26 March 2015

Sad things like Zayn Malik leaving One Direction

If you haven't noticed #AlwaysInOurHeartsZaynMalik & #ZaynWillAlwaysBeAPartOf1D bombarding all over Twitter, let me give you a scoop that Zayn Malik is leaving One Direction officially. The SADDEST feeling I'm having right now about it is that I bought this 1D poster (actually got it free with M magazine) of all 5 boys together and I haven't put it on my wall yet and now they're breaking up and screwing up my poster. Wow, luck.
 And there are so many posts on Internet about One Direction that are nearly giving me #1Dfeels, One Direction fans are more creative than you imagine. They come up with so emotional stuff that you'd forget you're not into their fandom but still be sad over the fact that Zayn's leaving the band. 

Apparently Zayn wants a normal life, he wants to live like a normal 22 years old guy. 

Well everything aside, I'm really glad he took this step finally and decided to live a life he really wants now. I guess he finally have earned much money to live a luxurious life or start a business maybe or travel around the world or do whatever he wants to do. Being a celebrity isn't a light job dudes, people are ALWAYS watching you. Each and every frigging move. It might look all glossy and shiny and bright but isn't it creepy that the whole world wants every little detail about you, what you like what you don't, how many times you breath in one single day, what cartoon you liked when you were 3 etc etc the list goes a long way. I think it's time for Justin Bieber to take a little step back, too.

If you're sad about him leaving, there's this article about 10 Things Zayn Malik Can Finally Do Now That He's Not A Part Of A Successful Boy Band! to make you feel better. If he's happy, the fandom's happy. That's how fangirling works, sometimes.

And if you want to be even more sadder than you already are, there are rumors that Harry Styles might be the next person to leave, screwing up the band and start his own career as a solo artist. Perez Hilton told me.

Another sad thing happened that we finally survived the #BigAreveal in Pretty Little Liars which wasn't a reveal at all. Charles is A and funny thing that we don't know WHO THE EFF CHARLES IS. According to the show, Charles is Json's twin, Spencer & Ali's half borther, the psycho bitch A and still we don't know who A is in real. 

People are sad about it.

-It might have been Andrew but he's still in high school with girls and Jason is 7 years older than the girls.
-Wren could be Charles too but it's awkward to think about it as he's been engaged to Melissa Hastings and had an affair with Spencer Hastings, so it seems more appropriate than I imagine it should.

That's all sad-sad-sad I have to say. 

What are the sad things happening all around the world expect of Zayn's leaving and PLL fans crying over finding about A and still having a no clue about him? Enlighten me.

23 March 2015

Dayar e Dil review + Useless Updates

Welcome to the weekly Useless Updates link up where I share lttle updates from my life because I like putting my life on Internet. 

Before I get start on useless updates, I've a little review to share. If you ever wonder about my obsessions with dramas and stories, I'll tell you something today. If I like a drama or its plot, I go gaga over it. That's why there are Teen Wolf quotes on my wall. So all of my friends were talking about this new drama Dayar e Dil and how good it is, so I thought of giving it a go as it's just one episode that they aired. AND I MADE A FRIGGING AWESOME DECISION. 

Basically the drama is based on a novel by Farhat Ishtiaq (who writes awesomeness) and Hum tv is airing it. I watched first episode and good lord I loved it. Cast is my MOST favorite part, Sanam Saeed is my favorite human in drama industry and she's in the show. And I was telling you that I'm obsessive so I couldn't wait and I found the novel AND READ IT AND CRIED MY EYES OUT. Now my friends better not mess with me or I'll reveal the plot, boo yeah!

The story is touchy and intense. Totally a family issue based but still very interesting. I won't open the plot here but the best character I think is Sohaib Bakhtiar Khan, the younger son of Bakhtiar Khan. And further his son Wali Sohaib Khan is LOVE. 

Osman Khalid Butt is going to play Wali's role and I read whole novel imagining Osman as Wali.  

Maya Ali will play Fara's role. Fara is Behroz's daughter, Behroz is the older son of Bakhtiyar Khan. And I think Maya fits it perfectly because I've seen her previous work and the stubborn and emotional Fara's character will be well portrayed by Maya.

Wali is like the best character in further story and I can't stop fangirling. He's composed, proud,  strong, tough, a good guy who cares about his family. While Fara is furious, also proud, inexperienced about life and haunted by the past. Their couple is going to be new Zaroon and Kashaf for me because I'm fangirling on a Pakistani drama after a long time since Zindagi Gulzar Hay ended.

I can't wait to watch more episodes and judge the novel's story with drama's plot and dialogs. I hope they carry the story well.
PS: Osman is my celeb crush fyi. Plus points, HE LOOKS LIKE ORLANDO BLOOM.

Now back to useless updates.
-I've had 5 days off from college so I went to stay with my aunt. She's that kind of aunt everyone wants, cool and do-what-ever-you-wanna-do kinda aunt and she makes me feel like a queen and smiles at me for no reason so this weekend has been a blast for me.

-I can't stop doodling. I literally can't stop and everyone's been asking me if I'm working on a project but it's just I'm putting my thoughts into different patterns and they're making me feel super light.

-A blogger fellow Jasey does Blogger's hug every weekend with a topic. This week's topic is SHE. I might be late to the party but here's my entry.
I wrote this poem for an amazing girl Lauralee and we're best friends on snapchat and she sings very well.
She grew beautiful thoughts in her mind, 
And wrapped them all around her head, 
So that nobody would notice the scars on her veins, 
And get to know that she is sad,
But if you love her enough to open the doors of her heart, 
It will sing the whole story to you,
And you will soon realize that, 
Her scars are beautiful too.


-People, tomorrow is the day when biggest A reveal is going to happen. Every Pretty Little Liars fan, be ready. And I'm going to post my A theory soon.

That's all from now. How was YOUR week?

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Useless Updates

18 March 2015

Super Villain Of Blogland

I'm that kind of human being who gets attached to villains of the show/film/book rather than the hero because heroes are overrated and everyone loves them which is, uhm, you know kinda injustice with the existence of villains. Bellatrix, Voldemort & Peter Hale are my favorite people that I once tried to dislike and profoundly failed. It's 2015 and villains need some more affection. So in the celebration of existence of villains today, I'm pretending to be the villain of blogland and you all are welcome to read about my dark part.

So this post starts as if I'm your favorite villain in blogland and you're here to collect every possible information about me as it's not every day a villain opens about herself, eh?

Super Villain Names
I'm known best with some of my top villain names as,
Cruella Di Ree
-This villain of yours is secretly a Disney kid at heart.

-Blogging dark powers getting WILD HERE!

Dark messy bun
-Because there's this dark magic in my hair

The girl that kills with winged eyeliner

Dark super powers
Kills with winged eyeliner
-It's not easy to keep up with the perfect eyeliner alive!

Posting 4 times a week
-This super power is under progress.

Attacks with dark doodles

-Doodle doodle doodle and ATTACK WITH ART!

Blog designing skills
-A beautiful blog design can kill a bloggy beast.

Power ups
More pageviews

Magical lemonades
-Even a villain deserves treat yo self time. Lemonade boost up my powers, especially with a mason jar.

Twitter & Instagram
-A good tweet and a big supporting army on Twitter can make me win a bloggy war. And a good selfie on Instagram can be a game changer ya know dark buddies.


Posts about food
-I. Just. Can't. Why all the food has to look so delicious that my heart melts and I have hard times stopping myself coming out of this super villain shell.

Favorite bloggers
-People you care about are your weak points. So this villain of yours also has a heart and there are some bloggers I call my favorites and I'd just confess they're my weaknesses.

Last but not least, MY VILLAIN THEME SONG. It would be The Devil Within by Digital Daggers. It's the perfect I-am-a-villain song and my favorite lyrics are
I will be here
When you think you’re all alone
Seeping through the cracks
I'm the poison in your bones
My love is your disease
I won't let it set you free
Til I break you

Now tell me how would YOU describe your bloggy villain self?

16 March 2015

Useless Updates #4

It's the time of the week when I post useless updates from life on blog because I like putting my life on Internet. So here we go:

-Look at my glorious infused water (Strawberry + mint) while I try my best to be Pinteresty here. It tasted refreshing but a little funny because of mint. This has nothing to do with getting healthy and doing all fitness-fellows stuff and lose my precious fats, it's just because of  Pinterest (this bad boy make me do things like that) and my friend Sehar.

-I FOUND THIS ON TUMBLR AND I AM CRYING WITH RELIEF. Look at me, 17 years old BIG GIRL who needs to do big stuff like take responsibilities, try not to suck at life, save the world and find her lost Hogwards letter. But first, I'll just relax because I'm eventually going to figure something out for my life.

-I'm taking a moment of silence to announce a terrible news that DEREK ISN'T COMING BACK IN SEASON 5 OF TEEN WOLF. HOW DARE YOU PLAYING WITH MY FRAGILE EMOTIONS IT'S A CRIME. Teen Wolf guys announced that season 5 will be less-Derek show, he won't be regular. It's horrible horrible horrible news but at least they're not killing him and throwing him away, that's almost a relief. 

-Did you all see this? Justin Bieber parodied his own Calvin Klein ad for his upcoming Comedy Central's Roast session. And it's CREEPY AF. I took some screen shots of the most awkward moments. Boy ya cray.

-It's 2015 and I'm making progress in games. Look at what yours truly jut achieved, level 127!! I've NEVER stuck around in any game this long so I'm definitely not disappointing myself. This game Soda Crush is pain in life because
-I'm having competition with friends on who'll finish that that level first or who gets the full 3 stars, BABE IT'S A WAR.
-I spent 2 hours on it and I am not finding myself guilty, nice.

That is all. What are your useless updates from life?

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Useless Updates

15 March 2015

Paper Towns: Review + Writing my own end of story

 This book, Paper Towns, written by John Green is coming out in film this July 2015 and I was so excited to read it before then so that I can comfort my soul and maybe ruin the film plot for a few who hasn't read the book. So I borrowed the book from my friend and and she told me little details about the story and we laughed on a few points and I thought I was going to love this book. Well I was wrong.

The story starts with a boy named Quentin who used to be friend with Margo, an adventurous, brave and fun loving soul, as kids. But when they're grown up and in senior year of their high school, Margo is a star while Quentin is just another nobody along with his 2 friends who spend most of their time in (or out) band room.
Everything changes when Margo sneaks into Quentin's room at midnight and goes out with him on a revenge spree from her friends + boyfriend who was cheating on her with her best friend. And they do all adventurous stuff Quentin would NEVER even imagine to do. And then the next day, Margo disappears, It's not the first time that Margo runaway or disappears. Quentin (who's obsessed with in love with Margo) finds out that she always leaves clues behind her to be found. Now Quentin, her 2 friends Ben & Radar (that kind of friends I wish I had) and Margo's friend Lacey are searching for clues and hints to find her.

It's a typical John Green fancy worded book with good quotes. The main flaw is its end. Basically, there's no end. NO FRIGGING END. I can sum up all this as: The start was like BOOM SO AWESOME & the end was like WTF JUST HAPPENED. The end according to book is: After a long long long 19 hours journey from Jefferson Park, Orlando to Agloe, New York, they finally found Margo. Quentin and Margo talked, she told him she's not coming back and she didn't mean to leave clues for him to find her out and she's going New York. Then they kissed. And God knows what was the end. The story ended here. The nearest end I thought was Q getting back to his home and she going to New York and they'd email each other and that's true love Quentin ruined his prom + graduation for.

I actually am so disappointed.

Parts I like
-During all the search for Margo, Quentin finds out her real self. He always thought of her as a precious thing, something gracious, best story teller, person who can do ANYTHING but she was also just a girl. A normal broken girl under the skin of super Margo everyone wanted to be with. That's such a sweet part.

-In the time while searching for clues, Quentin find a lot about himself. His relations with his friends, he going out out of his comfort zone, doing the things he never thought he's capable of doing. There's a whole new person after that one night adventure with Margo.

-Quentin's friends: Ben & Radar. 
Ben is hilarious. I mean to say HILARIOUS. The book is filled with fancy words, good quotes and I have to mention, BEN'S PEE. And his non-existent love life.
Radar is smart. A BIG SMART. He is constantly editing pages on a website called Omnictionary (a parody of Wikipedia) in the story and his parents owns the world's biggest collection of black santas.

Parts I don't like
-There's no proper end. I HATE THIS.

-When Quentin was searching clues, he learned that Margo was just a troubled girl. I like this part. But what was the story behind all this? It's not mentioned. There's always a background behind a character, its story, its past. There's nothing like this for Margo which is a huge turn off. And why she kept running away and settling into old creepy places, that's not very hip.

End is a BIG turn off
I'm telling you again, this book has no proper end. I wish there was a good end & Margo could come back with Q or she could tell Quentin about her past + her real personality. 

Writing my own end
I didn't like the end and I'm glad that I am not alone in this and there are a few others who also were like WTF in the end so we came up with a few ends of our own. Here are they:

Ella's Plot: "Sitting in a tree, kissing, engaged, married, kids!"
Hannah's plot: 'Margo gets a modelling gag at Asos and hits it big!'
My Plot (s): "Margo coming back, lives in his house (because her parents told that she's not welcomes to the house anymore) and fall in love with Quentin, tell him her story of past and be normal."
"Margo becoming a superstar and end up writing a book in which she'd open all about herself + her senior year and that night adventure with Quentin."

I'd rate it 2.5/5. My main idea was to rate it 2 but this +0.5 is for Ben who's my most favorite character from the book. 

Have you read Paper Towns? Or is there any book who has disappointed you to death?

12 March 2015

How to say GO AWAY in 10 languages

In Pakistan, whenever someone doesn't understand or pretend to that he's/she's not listeni
 e've this very common sarcastic line to him/her "Don't you understand or I'm talking in Persian/any other language?" So this gave me an idea, I love this word GO AWAY so I just thought of learning it 10 different languages because 
1) I love saying this word
2) Extra points to impress fellow human beings
3) Some people don't get the simple go away look on my face

So here I'm teaching you this glorious word in 10 different languages,  here we go:

*It's a bit rude word, or we use *CHALY JAO* when being polite but still in go-away-from-here mood *


Italian - VA VIA (VA VEEAA)

Spanish - VETE (WAY-TAY)

Latin - ABI (AABI)

Turkish - Git Buradan

Russian - UKHODI (O-KHODI)


German - GEH WEG

Portuguese - Suma-Se

This is clearly not going to help me graduate or earn xp points in the game of life but still isn't it awesome that I'll be able to tell people to go away in various language that they don't understand and then I'd laugh and tell them it's how french people say go away so you can leave me alone now. Yes, that's the plan. Well if you learned something, you can thank me later.

What's your favorite word? And how do you say go away in your language?

9 March 2015

Useless Updates #3

It's Monday and that means it's time for Useless Updates. It's a link up basically for people who like to put their lives on Internet and get an excuse to blog about little things going on in life.


-I found this diary when I was cleaning my drawers and suddenly I was back in time, the golden time when I used to talk to my diary more than real people and feel better about myself. Some of the writings are making me question my 14 years old existence. There's something really weird about old diary pages, they're haunted. Lord.

-My mp3 is been a jerk and my headphones are injured and I am not spending money on them because no matter HOW MUCH money I spend on headphones, they're ruined every time without warning so I'm just sticking with diy first aid for them.

-I can't wait for 25th episode of Pretty Little Liars because HECK THEY'RE REVEALING A and I'm dying to know who the nut case A is. I literally had a dream about this show last night. My suspect is Wren because he's not in the clear plus has anyone noticed Caleb when Emily was attacked back in season 4 and he drove to her and his facial expressions were weird while driving? They never cleared it. After Toby being a part of A team once and Ezra as the crazy writer, I'm expecting something much crazier from Caleb too. HE COULD BE SOMETHING!!

-This is the text I sent to my friend when we were talking about buying make up and that exactly sums up my current money situation. CLUB EMPTY WALLET MY LOVES

-I'm reading To All The Boys I've Loved before and I'm totally loving making this choice to pick this book. I've already read more than half and it's such a sweet + funny book and I'm totally going to write a review soon.

-I'm taking a moment and dedicating it to the most beautiful journal I've ever owned. It's handmade from etsy and carries a piece of my soul with it. Of you've known me for real, you know I take journals so seriously.

So that's all from now. How is your Monday going on?

Do you have some useless updates to put on your blog? Let's join me. 

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Useless Updates