21 February 2015

How to take a compliment

There's this big awful situation I got into just a few hours ago, the thing is that, I was being nice because that's what everyone preaches you when you're the youngest in the room. So a few hours ago, I was being nice. Paying compliment to the wrong who had NO idea how the heck a person take the compliment. And it pissed me off. REALLY PISSED OFF. 
Why it is not simple as A B C. When I am being nice to you without you paying me or my life depending on it, just because you're a fellow human being and you're breathing or just a thought that being nice to anyone might gain me a few points to heaven or simply JUST. BEING. GOOD but when I get an absurd reply, I wanna chop your legs off and throw you to an island full of rats. And still, I wouldn't be satisfied. 
Giving compliments is an art fyi. You just don't throw random good words at someone and dang the job is done. It takes moments for me to think, to choose glorious words, arrange them in the perfect order and then spell them out. And if the reply isn't what a normal reply to a compliment should be, WHY WOULDN'T I WANT TO SET THINGS ON FIRE?!??!
This is a very COMMON problem in society and no I'm not blaming government this time. At least the President knows how to take compliments (Wells the other thing is that he RARELY get any for his "Great Government Work") 
The first rule of taking a compliment is that the person who's paying you the compliment isn't:
-Your fan
-Dying to talk to you
-Dying for you to notice him/her
-Dying for you
-Dying at all
Shut up. 
The second thing is that you should be nice to people who are nice to you because that's how a normal human should behave or just remember Karma is a bitch that bites hard.
And the third thing is that BE GRATEFUL YOU LITTLE BAD EGG.

So I'm at this point, ready to say it loud that it's 2015 and we totally should preach that a little Thank You never hurts anyone. All it takes is these 2 words to let me know that my words weren't wasted and someone actually felt good because of me and that's how this whole compliment business should work. 
Thank you dear blog, I feel better.


  1. I totally agree although I find it hard to take a compliment, I've been screwed over a lot in life so I don't trust anyone and think people are secretly laughing at me or mocking me ;) xx

    Blonde Of Carbs

  2. Hi Areeba! I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. :)

  3. Great post! I sometime feel the same way!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  4. I agree with you. I myself get awkward when I get a compliment but never take it badly or get mean or rude. Thats stupid!

  5. That's crazy! To think, all they really had to say was "Thanks" and be done with it. Some people just don't have manners.


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